Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gulf of Mexico

Here are Bruce, Luci and Dan outside of Sharkey's restaurant a few days ago. And here is the beach and the Gulf of Mexico...This was one of the nicer days we have had during this trip.

Alas today was cold and wet but it was a good day for me to stay in and enter Nashville stash on my website.
Watch (News and Specials page) for pictures of some of the great stuff I will be bringing home to the shop. It's all for sale!!!
I'll add more stuff as the days go on.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi everyone,

We spent last weekend at the Nashville Needlework Market and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was in a new location this year and this hotel was much newer and cleaner . It also had an excellent retaurant.

I think there may have been fewer vendors but I still managed to spend all my money and be exhausted by the end of the weekend.

This is a picture of the hotel with various vendors banners hanging from their balconies.

Here are Dan and Jeannette Douglas with my "Stitching album" displayed in the background.And here I am with Jeannette wearing my sweatshirt that Fran made for me Unfortunately I couldn't wear it for too long as the hotel was quite warm!

This is a picture of my suitcase filled with stash. I spent yesterday entering all the charts in the inventry in my computer and then Luci helped me price them all. Today or tomorrow I will try to get the scanner that is here up and running so I can put pictures on my website of all the new stuff. Last year I took photos and loaded them in but really scanning them is much easier.
I am hoping to have the Nashville Open House the last weekend in March!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Siam Fusion

I am moving right along with Siam Fusion. This is a very enjoyable piece on which to work...of course I seem to say that about all my projects. The weather in Florida is warming up very slowly. It is great for walking the dogs and I even sat out yesterday afternoon and read and stitched and got some sun.
Sunday we watched the Daytona 500. What an odd race with the track breaking up like it did but there was an exciting finish with Jamie MacMurray edging Dale Junior. I was happy to see Jamie win and it is good to see Junior at the front again!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Greeting from not so hot and sunny Florida.
I would love to have some pictures of us lounging by the pool in the hot sun relaxing and getting tanned but alas we have not exactly been enjoying pool-sitting-beside weather. Yes I know we did not get the huge blizzard that Washington DC and the mid Atlantic states have and it is not
-2 C like at home but hey we're in Florida...we wanted better weather than this! I am getting lots of use out of the sweatshirt Fran made me though!
OK enough whining...

The girls are with us because Mollie licked away at her back leg to the point where she gave herself an infection and we did not want to leave her behind. They heve been getting lots of walks and as you can see from the photos they each got a new Florida bandana. She finished her antibiotics and her leg is all healed up and she is on a higher dose of medicam. So it was a good ploy on her part to get a trip to Florida!

I have tried to stitch outside because the light is so much better but the aforementined cool weather has prevented that for the most part.... However here are my two new starts since I finished the JD Stitching album and the Stained Glass landscape.
This is the start (upper left corner) of my Toile pillow. I am using Eterna silk and it is very light and filmy to work with. I think it will give a gorgeous sheen to the pillow though. It is on 36 ct linen.

And this is The Siam Fusion band sampler. I am also using silk for it and it too is lovely to work with.
It is on a piece of 32 count purply linen that Sharon C gave me and I am liking the look.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I love my hobby

I cannot decide which is the better photo so, since I am so proud of this finish, I'll post two pictures. It took a very long time to do this project but I have to say the result is worth the effort!

We haven't left for Florida yet but we'll be on our way tomorrow or Wednesday for sure. If there is anyone who needs something from the shop, just e-mail me or phone the house and leave a message and we will arrange for you to get whatever you need. Our house sitter is very accommodating and is willing to get together with customers who need supplies.