Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi everyone,
Dan and I are in Nashville and I for one am pretty much shopped out. We will stay here again tonight because snow is expected in the areas through which we have to travel and besides it is Daytona 500 Day and we want to watch the race.
We figure they will have cleared the snow by the time we come through on Monday and Tuesday and also with Monday being a holiday who wants the long lines at the border? I can't blame people for cross border shopping though as I am doing the same thing and the dollar is so good right now compared to the US dollar.
Anyway here is a little teaser peek at just a few of the goodies I have picked up.
I got a good buy on some fabric...remember those packages I got a few years ago and sold for $10 each in great colours? I have more now. some beautiful yellow linen for you in 32 count but have ordered some 28 if you prefer that.
Sharon..had to order the CWC linen for you .
Catherine S...picked up your WDW threads
Judie...had to order your Crescent Colours but they will be shipped on Monday
Diana...ordered the one from Shepherd's Bush, picked up the two Rosewood Manors
Colleen...I found the needle miner and the Blackbird Designs book the new Lizzie Kate as requested for you
Marie Paule...wait till you see JBW's Scottie the limited edition Fireweed kit from Tracy at Ink Circles for you as well as all her newest designs...that Jusy Rosy one is gorgeous!
I didn't see anything I 'd like to offer as a stitch along/class on but then I haven't really taken the time to spread it all out and fondle to properly.
Here are a couple of pictures to tease you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

All oohs and aahs accepted

I saw these in a recent Cross Stitch Gold Magazine and decided I had to make them...yes all four!
They are called Pantomime Houses and are based on a variety of Fairy tales..Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood (who appears to be hanging out with the Three little pigs) and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
They were fun to stitch and fun to put together. The designer recommended aida fabric but of course I had to use Lugana. Once I was lacing the walls together I realized that aida would likely have worker better but oh well I had the lugana left over from something and I had to use it!
The roofs are done aida and the bases in green felt. The instructions did not call for stuffing the houses but I filled them up with fibrefil to help them keep their shape.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A finish!

I love this stocking...It is called "A Virtuous Woman Stocking" and is just so primitive and funky and out there that it just speaks to me...
It is from Carriage House.
The saying on it is...
A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband but she that has no shame is rottenness in his bones" I also finished 4 Christmas ornaments today but will wait till next week to post them. I want the Thursday and Friday stitchers to oooh and aaah first! (And I had better hear a lot of ooohing and aaahing tomorrow and Friday!)