Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Progress is being made

Šo here is the famous baby blanket I have made for our new grandchild who is expected early in December. The original plan included a baby sweater to accompany it but ... That is not going to happen. Fortunately I have seen the baby's closet and the absence of a clumsily knit sweater  will go unnoticed. Hereafter I will stick to socks.
At some point when I finished the ornaments in my previous post I may have mentioned that I was finished with ornaments for awhile. Well not so. I saw these from Sissortail Designs and had to stitch them up. It is amazing what you can do with B5200, some unknown leftover fabric and beads from a previous project!

Father Winter is progressing slowly. I finished the alphabet at Joyce's this morning and will do the back stitching on the letters tonight while watching TV.
And of course a picture of Macy....oh yeah... Dan too.

Friday, October 17, 2014


These are for my 4 little great nieces.
I made these for fun because I liked them.

These were free in a British magazine last year.
I love these red ornies made on the white/raw linen polka dot fabric. The patterns were in another British magazine a few years ago...about 2 years before the fabric was available in North America!
And last but not least, my flying pig from SamSarah designs.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rotation time again??

Now that the stocking and this Ink Circles piece are finished, I am endeavouring, yet again to get back at my rotation.
So here is Celebrate Diversity (in beer)  for David for Christmas.
My rotation currently consists of 
Father Winter, designed by Teresa Wentzler....
And Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House...
And that is where I currently stand with each of them.
I also have in my bag Inspiration by Rosewood Manor which alas has not seen the light of day, or my Ott  light or my magnifier in at least a year.
Magpie my Mystic Stitch piece rounds out the large  items in the bag.
I have about 3 smaller ones, 2 from an ornament group I belong to...see I just got one from Wendy yesterday and now I am 2 behind in the project. I also have a lovely little one the says "I cannot count my day complete till needle, thread and fabric meet" I have it from a different designer but LizzieKate has recently released  one with that saying as well. 

Next blog I'll show off my Christmas ornaments. I went on a finishing frenzy a week or so ago and that will be it for ornaments this year.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Needle Arts Fair

I took no photos in Kingston at the Cataraqui Guild's Needle arts Fair so I Have included these two pictures of Macy just after she got groomed recently in order to have my requisite  measure of cute in the blog.

Back to the fair, in spite of the miserable weather, at least the drive there this morning was miserable , the ladies had a good turn out and I enjoyed a profitable day. 
It is so pleasant to have  a steady stream of  needle workers to talk with all day and to see so many familiar faces year after year.

Also...if anyone is still looking for the 2014  JCS Christmas ornament issue, I have loads of them  for sale. I am happy to ail one out to you if you want one.

The display of the Guild members' work was amazing and the display of antique needlework tools  and items was also intriguing.