Saturday, September 13, 2014

New finish, new start

So here is my latest finish. I am afraid that my rotation went out the window last week while I concentrated on finishing Paul's stocking.
Then of course today I started something new...just 1 new start Beth... And it too is a Christmas present. I will post a picture once I have more than a few stitches in it. So far it doesn't look like much.
Today is such a cold miserable rainy day though, I likely will move along on it.
Whether I will get back into rotation mode remains to be seen.

Kim and her husband came by on Thursday to pick up our quilt squares. I was kind of sad to see the go but it will be wonderful to see them again made up into quilts for this worthy cause.

Friday, September 5, 2014

How did I miss posting these???

These  two blocks were stitched by Beth and her daughter Heather for the Mountie quilt project...I somehow missed  posting them but here they are now...aren't they stunning?
I hope I did not neglect to show anyone else's work.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mountie quilt project

What am I ever going to blog about when we stop collecting these squares???
Well that is a problem for another day...Here is the latest batch stitched with love by generous needle workers....
From Teresa K from Brampton
From Teresa's friend Britta, who felt she had to do something for the project
From Darlene in Markham
A second square from Anita in Brighton
Fran, one of our Friday stitchers
Mary is also a Friday Stitcher
The two squares above came from members of the Quinte Needle Arts Guild
Tricia from the Cataraqui Needle Arts Guild Sent the sweet old fashioned lady and 8 quilted squares like the one above.

Everyone has been so generous with her time and talent for this very worthy cause. I understand from Sharon that Kim will be calling in to pick up the squares for her husband to take out west within the next few days. As she receives progress reports she promises to send them along so I can post them and we can all pick out our squares in the finished quilts.

Thank You all so very much

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More quilt squares

Kim will be coming to pick up the completed blocks sometime in the next few days so I want to post pictures of the rest of the ones I have received from so many generous stitchers.
Anne C from Kingston
Jose from Kingston
Two copies of these adorable ducks from Mary Ann D also from Kingston
Another square from Jose
Clare's square. Clare is from Tottenham
Judie's block. Consecon.
Brenda from Belleville stitched this rose.
This amazing ink circles square came from Janice R from Ottawa. The colours used are all colours from Mountie uniforms and have special meanings.Itwas great meeting Janice last week at  Stitching Day.

The ladies who have been mentioned in these blog entries who are from Kingston are all members of the Cataraqui Guild of Needle Arts. THey have been extremely generous with their time and talent. Their annual Needle Arts Fair is at the Senior's Centre in Kingston on October 4 from 10 AM till 3 PM.

I have a few more to show in my next blog. Till then...thank you all.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stitching Day August 23

Thank you to all 30 of you who came to my annual Knowledge and  Needles Stitching Day.
we had fabulous stitching to enjoy, many projects to admire, plenty of food and from the sounds I heard coming from the stitching room, the dining room, the garage and the shop, lots of fun and merriment.
here are a few pictures of some of the stitching which was on display. After taking those shots I got distracted and did not take any more!
Both of these are the work of Julie L.
Sharon finished these Quaker kits from Rosewood Manor
Teresa K's work
Helen's stitching
Christin's work

Dani's work
Marg's amazing Dear Jane quilt
The beginning of Beth's HAED
Bernie wearing her Jeannette. Douglas. Stitched covered button.

There was more to the day as well. Our friend and newspaper writer Ray came to the house to photograph the quilt blocks and interview Sharon about them. We are  now up to 36 blocks. I will post the additional ones in my next blog 
I will also post a link to Ray's story when it appears and a thank you letter from Sharon's friend Kim who got us started on all this. Kim will keep us informed about the quilts as they progress from blocks to finished products. me! In all the excitement I never got  your email address...and thanks for making the trip and bringing that great quilt square.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 23 .... Knowledge and Needles Stitching Day

I have been telling people via word of mouth about Stitching Day on Saturday but I had forgotten to broadcast the details  via the Everyone is welcome on Saturday from 11ish till early evening for a day of stitching, visiting, enabling, eating, giggling and oohing and aahing.
just bring a potluck dish, your stitching, any finished items you would like to display and yourself and join in for the day.
meanwhile...I have received more quilt squares...
Margaret W from Picton
Ruth L from Mississauga
Beatrice S from Brighton
Kathy A from Trenton
Angie B from Brighton
Kim W from Trenton