Thursday, March 12, 2015


The title of the previous post should be WAXERS!


Here is my progress on Dear Jane. I actually have one more day to work on it in my rotation and I am going to get at it just as soon as I have finished here. 
The little fortune cookie shaped thing in the picture is a waxer which I purchased from Janis at Noteworthy Needle  at the Nashville Show. 
Waxers, made from beeswax,  soothe the thread and make it more manageable. I wanted to try it for myself before I bought a bunch of them for Knowledge and Needles.
My verdict.. A good product! I used it on my DMC variegated thread on this piece all three days and it does everything as advertised. Where I found it particularly useful was when I had to do some " reverse stitching" , nobody's favourite task, especially when you are stitching one complete stitch at a time!
It made the ripping out a little less onerous.
I have not tried it when working on my Mystic Stitch piece because I think waxing a thread for the two or three stitches you get to do with each colour at a time, might prove more bother than it is worth but for when you can use up the whole length of thread it is worthwhile.
I will be ordering some for the shop...the next big decision will be which of the many, interesting shapes shall I order?
And lastly,  I have finally posted photos on my website of many of the new items I bought in Nashville. They are located on the pages of many of the designers and also, for the designers who do not have their own page on the Knowledge and Needles website, on the New Items page.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some Nashville purchases

Sue Hillis
Blackberry Lane

Can't remember the designer...maybe Nicky's creations

Scissortail designs and Priscilla' Pocket designs

Amy Breucken

hands on designs and an exclusive from Cherished Stitches

Ink Circles

Aury TM

Blackbird designs and somebody else
Jeannette Douglas

Teresa Kogut
More Lizzie Kate
Queens town designs...the sampler is done over one, is very tiny and magnificent.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Jane and Mystic Stitch

Here is my progress...

Nothing seems to be moving very fast but I am enjoying each piece as I work on it. 
Our increased social schedule has cut into my stitching time, but it is lovely to be making new friends and going out more. 
We had a gang in for the Daytona 500 yesterday. I lost money in both pools but was not sorry to see Joey Lugano win. Is going tohave find a new driver  to cheer for next year when my guy Jeff Gordon retires.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rotation is working

I just finished my third 4 day  rotation  with Ella's stocking. It is coming along fabulously and as you can see, I have been doing the back stitching as I go. I have frequently been guilty of leaving it ALL to the end, but not this time!

Today I should get back to my Mystic Stitch piece, Magpie, by Monet. 7 pages complete, 8 to go, but 4 of those 8 are smaller than usual.

This is Dear Jane. Fran and I are doing it as a stitch along. In this case, I have completed 2 motifs and only have about a million to go.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow

I have finished Autumn at HRW. At least I have finished all I am going to stitch on it. There are two more blocks but I decided that I did not care for the one with tombstones and ghosts so it had to go. Then of course I had to get  rid of another one to keep the  rows  even so Tom Turkey was sacrificed. Anyway I have a finish that I am happy with !

Monday, January 5, 2015


So it would appear that I have just completed the only easy part of Ella's Christmas stocking. Everything else is complicated with quarter stitches,frequent colour changes and I think some blended threads.  Therefore I am going to give it a rest for today and go on to something less demanding like knitting a sock instead of stitching one.
2015 is off to a good start though. I am hoping that perhaps this will be the year ( OK maybe the month) that I will actually stick to a rotation....I think I have said that before.....