Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rotations work

These are the three major pieces I finished in 2015 using a 4 day rotation.
This one is called Magpie by Mystic Stitch took more the a year but it is one I did enjoy  especially once I was finished with the sky.
Ella's stocking was begun in January 2015 and presented to the little Miss for her birthday in November, just in time for Christmas.
And last but not least, my TW called Father Winter finished just last week. I was thinking to myself  as I beaded last week did I ever get through this piece without getting discouraged? I decided that I likely managed because I did it 4 days at a time. At no time did I expect to get very far in 4 days so I guess I did not expect too much each time but...look it all added up. 

I also made some ornaments and worked on my Dear Jane  piece. This has inspired me to keep up with the rotation plan for 2016. My stitching for 2016 will include Dear Jane, a new Mystic Stitch, ornaments and...I am planning to get back at my BB designed appliquéd quilt. More on the quilt next time.

Friday, November 13, 2015

RCMP memorial quilts

Here are the pictures of the quilts that were made up of the blocks we cross stitched. A big thank you to all the generous stitchers who took time to create a block or two or three for these quilts. They have been delivered to Moncton, to the detachment and the families.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Finally...a blog entry

I have no good reasons for not having blogged in such a long time but at least I have been stitching.

Here is my progress on Father Winter. It is slow going but totally worth the time and effort.

And here is my Dear Jane progress. I now have 1.5 pages complete (of 20). So you can see the things aren't moving very fast on this project either. I am enjoying it. Working with one colour and no fractional  stitches and no back stitching is a pleasant change from the TW. The size of the fabric is a bit unwieldy  though.

Friday, August 14, 2015


It is time to get back at my Teresa Wentzler piece. I did some work on it yesterday and since today is World Cross Stitch Day, it is only fitting I spend the rest of the day stitching on it. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blogger cut my picture off!


After 2 and 1/2 years of on and off stitching on Magpie, it is finally finished. Let's face it I had to have something for show and tell on Stitching  Day here at Knowledge and Needles on Saturday, August 22.
Claude Monet is one of my favourite painters and Mystic Stitch did a masterful job translating his work into into something I could actually do since I cannot paint. 
My friend Betty made up Ella's stocking for me so I have two major finishes for 2015.

I suspect I will be spending the next little while working on one colour, no back stitch, no confetti, quickly finished, Christmas ornaments!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A great big Ta Da

Unironed but finished at last!
I have always wanted to stitch this stocking and I have always wanted a grand  I have both...the stocking will go to Elła on her first birthday  just before Christmas. I have to admit that part way through I found myself wondering why I wanted to stitch this complicated pattern riddled with quarter stitches and back stitching and frequent colour changes...but then I realized that the reasons I questioned myself were also the reasons I wanted to stitch it..
We stitchers are strange people aren't we?
I will now call my friend Betty and have her work her magic with her sewing machine, as she transforms this into a real Christmas stocking.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stitching updates

My stitching got interrupted this past week when Lily chewed my glasses.
Fortunately I had a pair of prescription sunglasses that I could use. They are Okay for driving but not much good for anything else, except headaches for 3 or 4 days. I now have new glasses... 2 pairs as a matter of fact and no headaches and I hope I can get back to work on some of these projects.
This is Ella's stocking. I was working on the tea party scene at the bottom in sunglasses when I realized it was not a good idea to continue. Now I can though and there is an end in sight for this piece....lots of back stitching but sometimes that goes pretty fast when it starts to bring out the pieces of the picture.

Here are two sets of Christmas ornaments. The initials are for my little great nieces. There are 3 more but their photo did not turn out.
I don't know who the little Flowers are for but I will find recipients somewhere.

My Mystic stitch "Magpie" by Monet is really taking shape with only 4 pages remaining.
Carolien and Sylvia...I am so glad to hear from both of you. Yes Sylvia I still hold the Stitching day in August...on the 22nd this year. I would love it if you could come. You are welcome too Carolien  but it is a little far to come from The Netherlands!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Overdue blog

I don't seem to have taken any photos of my stitching lately so here is a shot of me, taken by Beatrice at the recent Trent Valley Quilt guild Quilt show, where I had a booth. I met a lot of people and gave out many cards but quilters aren't interested in the same stuff stitchers are interested in. I did however make a great contact when a few days later I was invited to the Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild fair, which will be held in September. 

Macy and Lily having fun

Our friend Jonathon likes to kick and throw the ball for Macy to chase but he thinks Lily is more his size!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Back stitching

I have had about as much fun back stitching as I can handle this week. It is time to move on to a project the that has none at all!
Of course the back stitching does make the picture come alive.

Thank you to all who were able to come out to the Knowledge and Needles Open House last weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Progress and a visitor

This little guy came for visit a couple of evenings ago. Dan was coming home at dusk and noticed something by the front door. Thinking it wand a parcel from UPS  he walked up to the door and was surprised to find this  young, one foot or so alligator  on the mat. It caused quite the excitement in the neighbourhood, as we were all gathered around taking pictures and marvelling at his appearance. Dan shooed him to the driveway with a broom and our neighbour picked him up, very carefully in a t shirt and took him across the road and the vacant lot to release him into the canal. We are much more vigilant now when letting Macy out at night!

I have reached the heel on Ella's stocking but it will go away now until we get back home. Ella, herself and parents will be arriving tomorrow and I do not want anyone of them seeing it before it is finished.
Dear Jane is coming along slowly

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A gardenia bush

After some asking around I discovered that this beautiful flower is a gardenia. There are many more buds on the bush and I will take a photo when the bush is in all its glory.
Today I go back to my Mystic Stitch piece. I have finally broken down and  am trying "parking" my needle as a new technique for me. I will decide if I like it or not. Thòse are just water spots on the fabric, nothing serious... Not dirt.
Dear Jane is progressing. It is enjoyable because each motif represents a little finish and, let's face it working with only one colour is easy. My little fortune cookie waxer gets a good workout when I am working on this design. Did I mention in my last post that I have ordered 3 dozen of these little waxers for the shop. They come in a wide variety of cool shapes.
I just finished my 4 days on Ella's stocking. This time  I did neglect the back stitching so  I will have to hope I am in the mood for it the next time this piece comes up in my rotation. I do feel that I have been quarter stitched into oblivion though.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


The title of the previous post should be WAXERS!


Here is my progress on Dear Jane. I actually have one more day to work on it in my rotation and I am going to get at it just as soon as I have finished here. 
The little fortune cookie shaped thing in the picture is a waxer which I purchased from Janis at Noteworthy Needle  at the Nashville Show. 
Waxers, made from beeswax,  soothe the thread and make it more manageable. I wanted to try it for myself before I bought a bunch of them for Knowledge and Needles.
My verdict.. A good product! I used it on my DMC variegated thread on this piece all three days and it does everything as advertised. Where I found it particularly useful was when I had to do some " reverse stitching" , nobody's favourite task, especially when you are stitching one complete stitch at a time!
It made the ripping out a little less onerous.
I have not tried it when working on my Mystic Stitch piece because I think waxing a thread for the two or three stitches you get to do with each colour at a time, might prove more bother than it is worth but for when you can use up the whole length of thread it is worthwhile.
I will be ordering some for the shop...the next big decision will be which of the many, interesting shapes shall I order?
And lastly,  I have finally posted photos on my website of many of the new items I bought in Nashville. They are located on the pages of many of the designers and also, for the designers who do not have their own page on the Knowledge and Needles website, on the New Items page.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some Nashville purchases

Sue Hillis
Blackberry Lane

Can't remember the designer...maybe Nicky's creations

Scissortail designs and Priscilla' Pocket designs

Amy Breucken

hands on designs and an exclusive from Cherished Stitches

Ink Circles

Aury TM

Blackbird designs and somebody else
Jeannette Douglas

Teresa Kogut
More Lizzie Kate
Queens town designs...the sampler is done over one, is very tiny and magnificent.