Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally! Finitiative!

I spent the weekend finish finishing ornaments. The inspiration for this sudden burst of finitiative  came from two sources...Kim who finished this fabulous Christmas piece..

and Bernie who gave me this ornament. I think there was finiative hiding in the stocking because when I got going on my ornaments I kept going for three days!
I spent Saturday destroying my first two ornies by trying to sew them on the sewing machine...big mistake! so I went back to my tried and true method of getting glue everywhere...it seems to work for me.
Everything got glued on Saturday. On Sunday I decided it was time to glue some more and add trim or cord  but alas all my ornies seemed to be in non-traditonal colors and my dwindling supply of trim and cord came in red and the wrong shade of gold and various other in appropriate colors.
So plan B...try beading around the ornaments...I did quite a few that way till I got too many painful little holes in the tips of my fingers.
Monday demanded  a trip to numerous shops to find lace, braid, trim or cord... The Dollar Store was the last place visited..really I should have gone there first...then came more gluing and success in the form of lots of finished ornaments.

The above lot were stitched by Joyce but I finished them for her. She was delighted with her collection when I took them to her today.

These 4 little dancers are for my 4 great nieces. I love the way they turned out.

Above and below are my other finishes.

This little purse from the 2012 JCS magazine is for my sister-in-law Susan. You cannot read the writing on the back but it says..." the children were mestled all snug in their beds"...a bit of a family joke which I know she will love!

This is the one Macy helped me with. And below are a couple of pictures of Macy looking pathetic after  her female surgery last week. No more puppies in this household.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cool news

Knowledge and Needles can now accept credit cards!!!
I am now the proud owner of an iPad mini and a nifty gadget called a square which allows me to accept credit cards and debit cards too, I think.
I just tried a sale with my own card and WOW it worked like a charm.
It will take a bit of getting used to but hey...now I am in the 21st century!

Monday, October 7, 2013

CGNA 2013

Okay so this is what I have stitched lately. It is a little  smaller than the piece below  but then it did not take me a year and a half at 15 hours a day either.
This gorgeous  wall sized  piece of cross stitch  is based on a scene from a famous Chinese novel. It was on display at the Cataraqui Needle Arts Guild  Needle Arts Fair on Saturday. It was another excellent day.

Below are a couple of  photos of my booth. My best selling  item on Saturday  was the new  boxed set of  16 new DMC colours . People were also taken by the selection of 28 and 32 count fabric.
 I was very tired  but happy  at the  end of the day.