Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Since I had so much of the shop in boxes for the Needle Arts Fair in Kingston and the shop was in a bit of an uproar anyway, I decided that this is an opportune time to do a complete inventory. I keep a running inventory but I knew it was inaccurate in numerous place so this is the time to get everything shipshape and also a chance to re-arrange the shop and tidy it up.
Here are some photos of my progress....
This is the stitching room which we use on Thursday afternoons... I have to get everything cleared off here by tomorrow! This is just a good work area with the two large tables. Here is the shop with the inventoried charts on the shelves...not necessarily in their final places but at least categorized somewhat.
More chaos...

I have discovered that I have way too many Silver Lining charts so they are going to be May's special...20% off all my in-stock Silver Lining Patterns
I also have multiple Teresa Wentzler charts which are also on sale...all TW charts will now be on sale for a flat rate of $10.00...unless of course it was less than 10 dollars in the first place!

And on a final note.. Last year Dani visisted here one weekend and brought us some tulip bulbs in a glass thing. The bulbs grew into gorgeous red and yellow tulips which we thoroughly enjoyed as spring was still a ways away at that point. I saved the bulbs after the flowers died and planted them in the fall and here they cool is that?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a great day!

Cataraqui Guild's Needle Arts Fair

First of all a huge thank you to Dan for painting the racks and of course driving down there and setting up and helping out all day...and a huge thank you also to Dani for coming at 8 am to help set up the booth and to stay all day and talk stitching and sell stuff and generally be a great ambassador for our hobby!

Here are some shots ....

We have a great patch of black grass in our yard now...but the racks look good.

Dani and I setting up in the best spot in the hall...

Dani chilling before the crowds of avid stitchers arrived.

Beth came by to show us her gorgeous Kappie Stained Glass window... she also had her finished Tour des Marques Katie, Josie and Sharon from the Belleville Guild came by to support their sister guild in Kingston and their favourite LNS !

Kathy came all the way from Arizona to be here. (Well OK she was coming home anyway but made a point of coming to the Needle Arts fair two days after getting back to Canada when there are probably hundreds of other things she could be doing like unpacking and moving back into the house) The Thursday stitchers were very supportive as usual... Dani, with her back to us, Kathy, Barb, Lisa and Marie Paule

And of course Christin...I am sure you recognize her as since all the pictures I have of her look much like this.

All in all it was a super day. After packing up the stuff and loading it safely in the car, Dan, Dani, Christin and I went out for dinner..... a very early dinner since Dan and I were beat... then we headed back down the 401 to have a quiet evening at home. I can sure tell that I have been out of the school system for a long feet and legs feel like it is the first day back at school in September...I am not used to spending the whole day on my feet (and talking!) at least it was socks and running shoes, not pantihose and pumps!

The guild did a wonderful job and I hope it was as successful for them as it was for me! Ohh I should have taken some photos of some of their gorgeous work that was on display in another room. They produce some amazing things...smocked items, stumpwork, drawn thread, embroidery, needle painting, name it.

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A needlebook

This is my first needlebook and I am rather pleased with myself.
I haven't decided if it needs "pages" or real needlebooks all have pages?

I decided on a needlebook since the Griffin (Ink Circles...Celtic Beasties) was done in traditional colours and in the everyday design vs the bright colours and the Christmas version...and besides I already have 4 Celtic beasites for ornaments. Below are two of them..the dog and the peacocks. I also made backs for the ornies, for a change. Generally I just use fabric.
My intention was to have these two ornaments made up this week but the nice weather got the better of me and I have no ornaments to take with me to Kingston to the Needle Arts Fair on Saturday. (But I do have a much better looking back yard!)
Dan and I will head to Kingston bright and early on Saturday to set up the Knowledge and Needles booth at the Fair. There is always a great turnout of avid stitchers, quilters and needleworkers. It is sponsored by the Cataraqui Needle Arts Guild. Admission is $7.00 which gives you lunch, admission to the great display of the work they did all year and access to 18 vendors, all assembled in one spot with patterns, kits, cross stitch, fibres, fabrics, baskets, and books, all for sale. If you are in the Kingston area... the fair is at St Margaret's Church on Sir John A MacDonald Blvd from 10 am till 3 pm.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Various things

I have various things to report and show this blog...
1. You have heard me mention my friend Marie Paule numerous times...well she has 2 sons who run a company called . It is a recording/production/DVD/music company. I am not entirely sure what all they do but whatever it is, they obviously do it well because last weekend they won a JUNO for the best Music DVD of the year. The artist is Billy Talent. Go on their website and you will see other names in the music business you recognize.

2. Yesterday I finished Pretty Pumpkins (Glendon House designs) and I am terribly pleased with myself. 3. Last weekend I took a little break from the over one stitching and stitched up these Celtic Beasties (Ink Circles). I used the suggested Carrie's Threads and these two are done in the bright colours version. There is also an antique colours version but for some reason I just felt like wild colour combinations and I am pleased with the results.

These two are the griffon and the stag. I think this weekend I will tackle the peacocks and the dog. They were quick and enjoyable to stitch! and they bring up my ornament count for the year. Last year I only made about 3 ornies all year and I missed having some at Christmastime so this year I will not be in the same boat!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Could it be Spring?

These little guys (Sitting Pretty) were stitched by Bernie, one of the Thursday stitchers. I'd say she finished them just in time for Spring!
These last few mornings if I am out early enough I have been able to see and hear numerous flocks of honking Canada Geese flying high overhead, heading north.
The snow tires came off my car yesterday and the summer tires are now on.
The snow is disappearing, although there are still a few patches of dirty snow scattered hither and yon in the shady areas.
I hung my sheets out on the clothes line this morning and they dried so fast in the early April breeze.
There are a number of robins chirping around and the chipmunks are back from their winter hibernation.
My neighbours are being plagued with some very smart raccoons who can open their lockable garbage cans.
Yes, maybe Spring has come...oh yeah ...I have tulips and daffodils coming up as well!
It was a long winter!
I got Pretty Pumpkins out on Friday and added some stitches. It is so enjoyable to stitch and as you can see I am nearly finished it!
Pretty pumpkins had been on the back burner for a bit while I stitched up this Rosewood Manor bellpull..."Claret" I am offering this as a course starting on Wednesday so I decided I needed a model on hand and here it is all made up with its little flower charm and bellpull hardware. After being in business for 5 years and having taught numerous people to stitch one at a time I decided it was time to have a real course. The 4 ladies who have signed up are all stitchers so I really won't have too difficult a time with it. One is new to evenweave and a couple want to pick up a few specialty stitches and I think a couple just are looking forward to getting out of the house for a couple of hours on a Wednesday afternoon...whatever the reason, I think we will have some fun. I will post their finished work at the end of the course. They have all chosen different colours and I am looking forward to seeing their progress.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its good to feel good again

The kids and grandchildren were here for Easter weedend. Michael, pictured below with me was sick. Notice how I am being grandmotherly and cuddling the little guy when he doesn't feel well.
They left Monday...I was down for the count on Tuesday and for most of the rest of the week. Thanks Michael...good thing you are cute and I love you.
I started to feel human again by the weekend and Dan came down with it.
Let's just say, we are glad that March is over, the snow is going and spring is on the way.

I did no stitching for about a week but fortunately I have a picture of Sharon's completed rooster. Sharon is one of the two Friday stitchers who come weekly. Katie, the other one, is teaching us how to do hardanger. We are pretty slow but I'll post some progress pics once we have some.