Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Finiative

I have spent the last couple of mornings  exercising  finiative!
These 4 are for my 4 great nieces. A couple of years ago I started giving each of them an ornament and I  kind of like the tradition. They may not see me very often but they will have something to remember me by.

These three are to give away. The hope one is for my friend Bernie who is always doing lovely things for me and other people.

These three JBW doves are also gifts, but I do not know who will be receiving them yet.

These Blue Ribbon design ornaments will also be given away...but I think I'll keep one to remind me not to finish ornaments in this manner any more. I may lose the tips of my fingers to glue in other ornies  but sewing all those beads on these is just plain tedious.

I'd love to say I did the hardanger on the left but alas I did not. It is Fran's work. She gave me the ornament and I have finally finished  just in time to hang on the tree which I will definitely put up within the next few weeks.  I stitched the little stocking at some point within the last couple of years and now it has actually become an ornament.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friday Stitchers

As you know, in Brighton we are fortunate to have a thriving stitching community. Last year we welcomed a new member  Ann (on the left) to our Friday stitching group. This year Ann and her husband Bob  became Canadian citizens. Sharon, on the right saw Jeannette Douglas's "My Story" and decided to stitch it to welcome Ann and Bob to Canada. Here she is presenting her finished , framed  gift to Ann at Friday stitching.....

This is the gang, minus a few members, who are not only pleased that Ann and Bob have chosen our neighbourhood to settle in but that Ann has chosen to join us on Fridays 

And here is my progress on White Lilies.  Only 4 pages at the bottom to go!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Weekend!!

This past weekend 18 of us enjoyed our annual November Stitching retreat at  Timberhouse Inn in Brighton. 
We had a fabulous time stitching our little fingers to the bone , staying up late, eating and generally carrying on having a good time. 
While we were carousing at the Inn,  Dan and his helpers where at home preparing our Saturday evening feast. Here are some snapshots of the kitchen crew hard at work.
A big Thank You goes out to both the retreat attendees and the friends who generously came by to lend a hand. Dan created an excellent menu and the gang followed through with a fabulous meal!
There will likely be pictures on Dani's blog as well.  

 Fran created these tomato slices with an unpronouncable and unspellable type of delicious cheese artfully arranged on top.
Bob is busy fondling, or so it appears, the baguette slices in anticipation of adorning them with bruschetta.

Ann is preparing vegetables.

Fran, with help from Mollie, is setting out dishes for the dessert...which she made and for which she has provided the recipe on her blog.

Fran, Bob and Ann are examining a fancy corkscrew, which they obviously figured out because the wine did get opened.

Back at the Inn we had our annual ornament exchange, all of which were displayed on Barb's tree. As usual there was a wide assortment of ornaments all of which were stunning. I took pictures of only a few but you can see how wonderful they were from the tree and these few pictured below.

Sharon made this one.

Dani stitched this cute mouse.

Barb stitched this one and it is the one I got to take home. 

Joyce, Debbie and Sharon

Lianne, Dani and Christin

Dani, Christin, Bonnie and Beatrice with the cool stockings!

Clare and Rebecca

Nan and Anne


Dani, Christin and Beatrice's feet