Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awesome Stitching..

And all in one place...

These two clocks are Marie Paule's latest creations...the little stitched witch below is from a magazine and the stitched pumpkins are JBW designs...the wooden pumpkin clocks are Marie Paule's designs...

A collection for smalls and flatfolds...and Laura's "Dragons by the fire " stotcking

Work here from Beatrice, Angie, Christin, Laura

Another view including some of Rebecca's stitching...

Wendy's work

More of Wendy's work

Trista, Wendy

Sideways shot of Sylvia's stitching for her grandsons, a stocking by Barb, Judie's pigs, Trista's work

Sheila's witch (Glendon Place design) and a wedding piece, also by Sheila

Barb's snowman wall hanging

Angie's bag, Colleen's Santa, Judie's cows, two copies of Lizzie Kate's Christmas flit-its...Colleen's framed and Beatrice's bell pull, the very long piece is Colleen's flowers, completely done over one...

Part of three Paradigm Losts... Dani's, Kathy's Beatrice's, Marj's Fairy Idyll, Kathy's Noddy, Dani's Blackstone Fantasy Garden, my Froth and Bubble and my magazine angels, Kathy's neighborhood rr,

A better shot of the Paradigm Losts

Missing are pictures of Barb's fabulous HEAD Sants.. and Marg's Victoria Sampler Heirloom Christmas and her Crossed Wing Collection Heron and Luci's two purses. These things were displayed in the living room and I missed getting shot of them.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What a weekend!

What a great weekend. Saturday was my 9th or 10th ( does anyone know for sure?) annual Stitching Day and it was fabulous. This year we had an excellent turnout, with lots of old faithfuls showing up and a few new participants as well...

On this blog, I'll concentrate on pictures of the stitchers and tomorrow I'll show a sampling of the incredible stitching that we had on display. Paula
Sheila, Bernie, Rebecca, Trista, Judie

Trista, Judie, Christin and the back of Adriana's head

Colleen, Carmen, Isolde and the back of Anita's head... I am not sure whose arm that is!

Marg, Colleen, Carmen, Isolde, Anita, Marjorie

A headless person...maybe Kathy, Wendy, Clare, Dani, Marjorie
There will be a story later in the week about the kindness of Clare and her husband towards my father-in-law, who they don't even know...I am still so touched by their goodness.

Bernie, Laura, Sharon

The Stitching day is really only on Saturday but because some people come from a long way off, they stay over. Dan takes delight in making breakfast for us so here are Christin and Colleen and that arm partaking of french toast and bacon.

And here is Dan the chef doing his cooking thing. It was a very tasty breakfast.
The rest of the meals on the weekend were potluck and as you can imagine we ate very well! Some of these people are not only accomplished stitchers but they can cook too!
Next post...some of the stitching!
Dani, took a group shot of the gang and has sent it out to most of the participants for whom she has an e-mail address. It can be viewed on her blog here
along with her pics of the weekend.

Monday, August 17, 2009

This and that

My friend Fran recently completed Ink Circles' Peregrinations. She chose her own colours and thoroughly enjoyed working on Tracy Horner's interesting design. When she completed it, she sent a photo to Tracy who has posted it on her Gallery.

I have been working on my angel from The Cross stitcher magazine and she is nearly finished.

Even though the Peace angel is incomplete, there seemed to be no good reason not to start the love angel so I did and here she is...well part of her...
And last but not least, Marie Paule dropped in on Saturday to show me her latest creations. I have photos but will wait till after this weekend's Stitching retreat to share them with blog land. I'll let them be unveiled at Saturday's "Stitch-in". You will not be disappointed with her latest creative endeavours using cross stitch!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back from a holiday

This is our friend's cottage where we spent a few days last week. Actually we stayed in our RV and only used their water and deck and dock!This is how the girls spent their days....

And this is how they spent their evenings.

Dan and I just relaxed, threw stitcks for the dogs and read.

I got out my stitching at some point to work on my Stained Glass landscape. Alas I did not get too far. I did have the chart and the fabric with me and was ready to go when I realized that I had packed the wrong box of floss so I had none of the colours I needed! Fortunately at the last minute I had added the pattern, fabric AND floss for this angel so I did a bit of work on her.