Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday summer was ushed in by a glorius day...today...not so great! But there is a gentle rain falling which will be good for my garden which seems to be flourishing. There are carrots and beet shoots about an inch high and the potato and tomato plants are doing very well.
On the stitching front, my output of ornaments has diminished with only two new ones from the "On the Twelfth Day " Cats' Whiskers series...

But the piece I am enjoying the most at the moment is this one from a JCS magazine from last year or perhaps the year before...designed by The designer behind The Nostalgic Needle company. I am particularly pleased with this because it has been my first foray into the realm of 40 count fabric... and I am loving it.

How, you must be thinking does she see to work on 40 count fabric???
Well here is the answer...a handy dandy LED Magnifier light! It is the greatest... Yes I do sell them in the shop and this is a shameless plug for them...but they really do work wornders! I have had nothing but accolades from all my friends and customers who have purchased one.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Pink Ladies

Look at what Fran has made for the girlies...
She and Simon brought them over last night and the girls immediately modelled them. Of course Fran made one for me as well and she promises to put a picture of the three of us on her blog.They remind me of the jackets worn by the Pink Ladies in "Grease" and my girls look particularly smashing in them I think. No one will call them boys when they are wearing these scarves!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

An adventure

I have frequently written about our two dogs but rarely have I mentioned that we also have two cats. Here they both are on top of the kitchen cupboards a couple of years ago when we had another dog visiting. They dearly love our dogs but have little tolerance for any others. Emily , the grey one thinks she is a dog and will answer to her name and come running and beg when her treat container is rattled.

Jesse, the fluffy one is a true cat. She tolerates us at best and will not answer to her name or to anything else.

On Thursday, Jesse (also known at Kit Kit) went outside and did not come back. All day Friday I went out periodically to call her... now there is something inherently stupid in calling a cat who you know will not come when called. But there I was anyway...flashing the flashlight under the verandah and the back deck, calling plaintively and trying to hear a respondng mew from anywhere. I hoped she was up a tree and afraid to come down rather than that she may have fallen prey to the coyotes, or racoons, a fox or a hawk ...all of who live around here.

Finally when I had just about given up hope I called again at 9:30 last night...did I say there was something stupid about calling a cat who won't come...well calling a cat who won't come when you are in your nightgown and bare feet is really pushing it! Anyway I did hear a little meow. I was just glad that she was still alive even if she was stranded up a tree. It was too dark to go scanning tree tops at that point.

I made one last effort at 15 to 10 and there she was in the back yard...I attempted to herd her into the house (you've heard that expression about herding cats? It's impossible) Anyway I finally got close enough to pick her up and she is now home again safe and sound.

Monday, June 7, 2010

After the weekend

This is the beautiful view of Georgian Bay from the deck of the house where I spent the weekend with 13 of my stitching buddies. It was hard not to gaze at the view instead of stitching but I was on a mission....Since I was not the hostess of this getaway weekend I managed to do copious amounts of stitching. And this is what I worked on. If you look at my previous post you should be able to tell the difference between the before and after pictures. Alas Memory Keeper stayed in the stitching bag all weekend and only the fairies got some attention.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Before the weekend

I am moving right along with my On the 12th day ornaments...6 down , 6 to go...

Today, very shortly as a matter of fact, I am leaving for a wonderful stitching-filled weekend with a great group of friends. These are the two pieces I am taking with me..Fairies in the Garden and Memory Keeper. These are the latest pictures of each of them. I am planning on stitching my little fingers to the bone so I hope to have some major progress to share on Monday!