Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sale and Inventory

Hi Everyone,
It has been quite the time around here. Our computer went down a few days before Christmas...great timing right? Actually there is no good time to be without the computer. But I had told people to email me for the Boxing Day sale and of course the computer wasn't back until well after that!
Thank goodness for generous friends and relatives who graciously allowed me to check my emails on their computers.
All in all the Boxing Day sale went very well and I thank all of you who participated.
My next project is to do a complele inventory of the shop. I have been finding that I have often been remiss in removing sold items from my website so it is due for a major clean up as well.
I do have a pair of socks which I knit to show you but so far I have not taken any pictures so that will have to wait. Right now the priority is the inventory and I had best go off and get started.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Judie and Judy

Here are the flatfolds Judie (ie) and I made a couple of weeks ago. The red one is mine and I am keeping it. The Peace one is a gift Judie made for a friend of hers. We were pretty pleased with our handiwork. Judie (ie) stitched this Pawcasso piece and had it framed for her step daughter for Christmas.
Judy (y) has been very busy with Christmas items. Here she is with a tree skirt..

This table runner has a candle and poinsettias on the other end as well!
And last but not least here she is with Sue Hillis' "Stitchers Days of Christmas"

All the finished projects are gorgeous and beautifully finish finished!

And I really did think I should include a picture of the watchdogs! Here they are guarding Dan's crocs!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Friday Stitchers

The finishes by Judie, Judy and Janice will have to wait while I display the suprise that came to me on Friday...

These are the core Friday stitchers...left to right.. Sharon, Catherine, me, Anne, Fran and Cheryl.
Lucie who comes as time allows and Paddy are looking on.

Apparently as long ago as last August they hatched a plot to create a unique sampler just for me and here it is. I cried! They all had a hand in it and I must say it ranks right up there with the best all time gifts I have ever received. Thank You so much girls!!
Kathy came late to the group and as stained glass is really her forte she made me this gorgeous guardian angel. Kathy is also an aritist with paints and we are slowly converting her to cross stitch addiction as well. Catherine only started Cross stitching this year. Not only did she do a portion of the sampler but she also made each of us a lovely ornament with our initial. Here is mine on the tree.

I am thankful every day to have so many wonderful friends.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Boxing Day Sale

I have some pictures of great finishes by Janice and the two Judys (ies) but they will have to wait till my next blog. Dan has been bugging me to post the information about the Knowledge and Needles Boxing and Dec 27 Day Sale.
I will be offering 25% off anything in the store.
You can drop in between Noon and 6PM either day or email me starting at 12:01 AM on Dec 26.

I need to clear out some inventory to make room for all the fabulous stuff I am planning to buy in Nashville in February.
So if you have had your eye on any charts, kits, fabrics or threads let me know and they can all be yours at 25% off on Dec 26 or 27!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Current WIP

When I finally got back to stitching last week I picked up the stocking and made some progress. It always seems like you do more at the beginning of the project...I know it just seems like more because the additional stitches are more apparent.
At any rate my stitching has become very slow with the sore finger. Ethan will not be enjoying his stocking this Christmas. These are the other two pieces in my rotation...Sunbathing...

and A Virtuous Woman stocking....
Linen does wrinkle doesn't it??
The tree is up and has lights but no decorations so far. We bought a real tree this year and it does smell wonderful. We mainly were rebelling at the effort of getting the artificial tree up the basment steps ... but for all that avoidance I still had to de-vest it of the strings of lights which I had oh so cleverly left on last year thinking I was saving myself some aggravation...wrong again. It is a pain the remove lights from a tree tucked in a corner between shelves and a hanging bicycle...especially when I had wound the lights on every twig and branch so expertly last year!
So this year's tree has one less set of lights but fortunately it is smaller so it looks OK. It doesn't know how close it came to having no lights at all.