Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is as far as I have stitched on Merry Christmas by Lizzie Kate. Actually the rest of the charts have not been released yet so I am caught up...except for attaching the little buttons.
I am very happy with the way it is turning out.

We are heading out tomorrow for a few days away.

My MIL will be home from the hospital on Thursday so things are looking up there.

My turkey and her poults (thanks for supplying the correct terminology Tama ) have not put in another appearance so I have not had another opportunity to get a picture or them but I am optimistic...and I did scatter some sunflower seeds as enticement. I'll have to wait and see.

There has been little mention of our vegetable garden this year, mainly because it was so late before we even got the seeds and plants in the ground. Consequently they are taking their own sweet time producing anything. However, yesterday I noticed that there are little green peppers and little green beans starting to sprout, and they are even bigger today, so perhaps some will even be ready for harvesting when we get home on Monday. The tomatoes are coming along but are still small and green. I cannot tell with the potatoes but if the amount of green foliage above ground is any indication, they are doing well.

Friday, July 24, 2009


This is the start I made after finishing Froth and Bubble. As you can see it is easy and is moving along at a good clip. I am really enjoying it. It's is good to get at something small and fast every once in a while especially when everything else I seem to have on the go is quite large and slow going.
BTW this is Lizzie*Kate's new Merry Christmas series. The first half has been released and I may just finish the next two letters before the rest of "ristmas " comes in. We had visitors yesterday and the day before... a Mama turkey accompanied by her 6 babies (chicks? goslings? cygnets? turklets? ) has been making the rounds from the field across the street, through our yard and into the woods beside the house. I tried to take some pictures, but my photo taking skills are very poor, even at the best of times and yesterday it was dark and rainy and the family stayed close to the fence and the woods so it was difficult to actually see them, never mind get a good shot of them. Perhaps they'll be back this weekend in some sunshine and I can get a photo. The babes were very cute when they jumped up on the fence rail and trotted along.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Thank You and a TaDa

Kathy made me this little scissor fob. Thank You so much Kathy...the game now will be to see how long I can use it without cutting the ribbon!
And at long last ... Froth and Bubble completed.
I had worked on it last week while in Toronto staying with my FIL but could not finish it because I ran out of one particular colour of thread. This morning after dropping the dogs at the groomers and a quick trip to Tim Hortons I went to Adriana's for a visit and the chance to sit and finish it in good company. So Adriana was the first person to see the fnished product and you guys are the next!
According to Beth, when one finishes a project that gives one license to start 4 0r 5 more.... hmmm what shall I do next???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More purses

Life has been kind of hectic lately so I have no stitching of my own to share. These are some shots of a couple of purses Sharon has made for her motorcycle club. There is a big rally near here in a couple of weeks organized by Sharon and Harold's chapter of the club and she is planning to raffle or auction these off for the charity the club supports.

I have been away a lot this past week. My MIL broke her hip and I spent nearly a week in Toronto with my FIL. Then we went to the rodeo for the weekend. Dani came along and she and Dan sold over $8000 worth of 50/50 tickets. Three people left the rodeo with very nice baggies full of cash and the Optimist club has around $4000 to give to the various local charities that they support in the community. We came home very tired!
I am heading back to see my FIL today, to take him to a doctor's appointment and I 'll be back there for the same reason on Friday, so my little shop which already has sporadic hours now has even more irregular opening times. But hey this is family...
I am so close to finishing Froth and Bubble...actually it would be done but I ran out of thread while in Toronto last week...so this week for sure I will do those last 50 or so stitches in and will have a picture in my next blog!
Note to Anne in Australia...I have been meaning to e-mail you or even respond on your blog but I have been doing precious little of either lately. If you come to Canada...we will plan a get together. There is no doubt about that. We don't have to plan too far in advance and can ususlly get a good little gang of stitchers together on pretty short notice.