Thursday, November 29, 2007

Instead of stitching

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I was bemoaning to myself that I have not seemed to have done very much stitching this week and was wondering why that was.

This morning I was thinking about the past week and realized that although I have not been stitching I have been busy is what I have been doing instead of stitching.

Friday evening, 5 of the Cobourg stitchers came over. Three people stitched and 3 of us assembled ornaments. These are mine. (notice there is a definite CdC theme going on there!)

On Sunday I visited with friends for lunch and stitching in Uxbridge. Truth be told, there was more lunching and visiting than stitching happening!

Monday, I realized that we are having company this weekend, starting on Friday and since this is our Christmas with these people, I had better get some decorating here is the tree. That was Monday's job!Tuesday, I went as usual to see Joyce and I did stitch a bit on Kaleidoscope. Love those colours!Wednesday is my regular CdC day but instead of working on it, I made flatfolds and here are my finished products from that endeavour!These are the flatfolds that we made on Wednesday afternoon under Barb's expert and patient teaching. Left to right...Barb's Prairie Schooler, Anne's Santa from a magazine, Judie's angel also from a magazine, my two M-designs Christmas Trees, Judy's elf with a candy cane, Adriana's snowmen, Beatrice's M-designs Christmas tree and my little Stitchopolis Rodeo.
I was so intent on learning a new skill that I neglected to take pictures of the process and our industriousness but I think Beatrice will have some on her blog one of these days

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend Stitching

November 20, 2007

As you know if you read yesterday's blog a bunch of us had a lovely weekend away, stitching (and eating). Anyway, I decided that I would take only one project with me and see how much I could get done. Below is what Ink Circles' Kaleidoscope looked like on Friday morning.

This represents my Friday stitching progress....
And this shows what I did on Saturday...
I do not have a pic of Sunday's stitching but I really didn't do very much at all on Sunday so there was nothing much to photograph.

I am enjoying this stitch...the colours are fabulous! And a nice change from backstitching with black on the Queen, although I did do some backstitching today while stitching at Joyce's is coming along slowly but surely.

Tomorrow is Cirque Day!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Stitching Getaway

November 19, 2007

This weekend Knowledge and Needles and Butler Creek Country Inn hosted the 4th annual Stitching Getaway. This year we went for two nights of fun and stitching instead of the traditional one overnight stay. It was lots of fun and I must say some of us even got somewhat giddy at times. I, for one, am not used to staying up into the wee hours of the morning...
Here are some photos...I don't know how I missed getting pictures of Sylvia and Rebecca but they were there too...stitching up a storm

Barb, Sharon, Judie

Beatrice and Dani Bernie and Barb
Anne and Nan
Marie Paule making cording


The only bad news about the weekend is the fact that the B & B has been sold so we won't be able to go there next year. Our wonderful hosts Burke and Ken are retiring from the business and the new owners are going to be using the beautiful house as their home so it will no longer be a Bed and Breakfast. Judie suggested that they include a clause in the Conditions of Sale that the new owners would be vacate the house one weekend next November so we could use it but alas the papers had already been signed so we will have to make other arrangements!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good News

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I almost forgot to post this good news. Angie ( Thursday stitcher) phoned from Arizona earlier this week to report that her new grand-daughter Samantha arrived safe and sound on November 11. Mom, baby, both grandmothers , Dad and big sister Olivia are all doing fine.

Here is my finished teapot. I decided to not include the writing that was on the handle and the base. The sparser look suits me better. I expect it will become a tea cosy.
Kathy...are you looking? is the Queen. The backstitching is gradually allowing the pciture to have some definition. It is slow going though.
And finally my progress as of last Friday on Pretty Pumpkins. The colours in this design are fantastic!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The men in my life

November 13, 2007

I don't have any stitching pictures to show, although I will tomorrow so I thought I would share a photo of my family. We were visiting Dan's Dad on Sunday and I got a picture of the 4 generations.... Dan, his father, his son and grandson. The weekend was pretty much of a non-stitching time. I went to Toronto to see Sweeny Todd at the Princess of Wales Theatre (beautiful place). It was a powerful performance but not one you would want to see again anytime soon. Pretty dark show anyway but this interpretation portrayed everyone in it as crazy and had it set in an asylum. Of course practically everyone dies. (violently)

Then Sunday, as mentioned we were off again to Mississauga for the visit. Dan's father did not know Dan had arranged for David and Michael to come by so it was a nice surprise for him to have his grandson and great grandson for a couple of hours.

This morning I am off to Joyce's where I will work on backstitching "It's good to be Queen" (are you happy Kathy??)

I did finish my teapot last night so this afternoon or tomorrow I will take photos of it, my progress on Queen and Pretty Pumpkins for my next post.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


November 8, 2007

Yesterday was CdC day and for the second week in a row I had a ball stitching on it. For some unknown reason I woke up today full of ambition and get up and go. As a result I even dragged the vacuum cleaner around the downstairs already this morning. Those of you who know me, know how unusual that is given my loathing of vacuuming.

The dogs have been walked and I am ready to do some work in the shop. Yesterday I got in an order of the most beautiful fabric...a fabulous colour called Ray of Light (soft yellow) and some Olive , both in 32 count linen. They are gorgeous. I am already casting my eye around to see what I could stitch on either one!

I don't remember why I ordered the olive, I hope I have it written down somewhere but I think it would be excellent to do Pretty Pumpkins on but oh I am already stitching that one ... and I do know I ordered in the Ray of Light at Colleen's request for something she has planned, but it would also have been perfect to do CdC on, if I wasn't already doing it on 25 count! I do have too many projects on the go to be thinking of starting another one. I should be thinking of finishing something!
Have a great day everyone. I hope my ambition lasts all day and I get lots done both stitching wise and housework wise... I am off to dust! I think there is something wrong here!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pretty Pumpkins

November 7, 20o7

Here is my latest installment of the pumpkins. I stitched on this last Friday and really have nothing else to show for the weekend! I did do some backstitching on the Queen but it is not worth taking a picture of it till I get it all done. I also worked for a short time on my teapot but got lured away by a Clive Cussler book which had been loaned to me by Olive, one of the Thursday stitchers. Yesterday I spent most of my time going back and forth to Whitby (an hour each way) and while there spending an hour and a half at the passport office for the privilege of spending maybe 5 minutes at the most with an agent who renewed my passport and took my $87.00. I was astounded at the traffic in and out of that place!

Today when I finish my domestic chores and a bit of running around I am going to work on CdC.

Friday, November 2, 2007

CdC has started

Novemebr 2, 2007

My pictures loaded in the reverse order that I wanted them to, but oh well...Here is my teapot. I finally put some time into it and as Kathy tells me...If you actually work on something, it will take shape. The teapot finally is taking shape and showing some progress. I was only working on it for the couple of hours that the Thursday stitchers were here on our stitching afternoon. But yesterday I kept on with with into the evening and that really has made a difference.

I started my CdC on Wednesday, a day early because I want to work on it on Wednesdays but did not want to wait another week to begin. Here is my progress with DMC dark blue variated thread, over one on 25 ct daffodil lugana. I love it! it is so tiny and perfect!Today I go back to Pretty Pumpkins!