Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A few more pictures

Ink Circles

Some interesting trees from scissor tail Designs
Easter bunnies from Sue Hillis and  some Snowman Wisdom

Sunday, February 16, 2014


 Oh I have had such a wonderful time...
I'll start with my favourite chart from this years show and then maybe add a few more , then add more pictures as the week progresses. Once back in Florida I will update my website as well and will be emailing you if you had asked for specific things...
So this is my favourite...
I will stitch the little porkers and make them into ornaments!

A few more...
Red Velvet cake

Rainbow parfait

snowman wisdom

And some sweet new athletes from Eileen of Handblessings.

I had breakfast with Eileen and her husband this morning and they are delightful!

I had  lunch with Anne Frazier who owns Gloriana  Silks. What a lovely and fascinating woman. She gave me a sample of a new colour, soon to be released. By the way her silks are wonderful to work with. I had Gionanni's Alphabet with me and she was happy to see her thread stitched up. The woman from Picture This Plus was also happy to see her fabric with an interesting chart stitched onto it.

My treasures are all packed into the suitcase with very little room to spare. I am tired but not as beat as last night, so I will have another early night with a bit of TV and my kindle secure in the knowledge that I will get to fondle all my lovely stuff again later in the week as I inventory it, price it and add it to the website.

I also got to visit with Jeannette Douglas and she was asking for you Dani.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Amy Breucken always has  some fun designs
I love Woneta's green nose
Some very cute smalls with buttons and Pom Pom tails
A gorgeous elephant roll and two types of of a number...let me know if you are interested.
SamSarah designs...the flying pigs are great!
baby stuff... A little bit different
Blackbird designs...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Forgot Jeannette's buttons

I will be happy to mail you any of  these cool new things, if you see anything here you must have now!
Email me for prices.

Friday shopping

Rosewood manor charts and fabric  to go with the new Autumn Quakers from picture this Plus, the new colors from GAST and some buttons from Jeannette....

New GAST colors on a cool PTP fabric

Autumn Quakers and Doubloon fabrics

Blackwork Flowers

Some GAST thread that will be on sale when I get home, whenever that will be.

sorry all the pictures are sideways...I can change them on the computer but I do not know how to on the ipad

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Off to Nashville

At least I hope I will be off to Nashville. There is another winter storm coming through the South.  It likely won't come here to this part of Florida but I do have a stop over on my flight in Charlotte and it may go there. I hope not because I am really looking forward to the market this year! especially since it may be be the last Nashville market.

I have made up an order for both GAST and WDW threads so if you need or want any of either, then let me know so I can include them for you.

Meanwhile I have not done much stitching but I have completed three more blocks for my blackbirds designed quilt.

Next dispatch will have photos of Nashville loot!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Post Giovanni

After finishing Giovanni's Alphabet last week I was at loose ends. I had devoted so much time to it in the last three months that I didn't know what I wanted to do next.
So for this post...we'll start with a picture of Macy looking innocent...not at all like the  nickname, given to her  by our neighbours...The Terror of Rotonda.
She was a bit of a terror here at home this morning as she chewed away at  the edge of the carpet. It can be salvaged  but she was not a popular pet in the household for  awhile. is what I have been working on post-Giovanni... 
This is block  #6 (of 25) of my Blackbird Designs quilt.

The one sock was knit way before Christmas and it's mate is finally coming along. 

And look what has come out of Mystic Stitch piece called "Magpie" I know no one can see any progress, especially without a shot of where I was when I started...but honestly I know where I was and  I can not see any progress either! Well I can see the outline of what is likely a tree in the  right hand section...
I guess I will just carry on with it. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

TA DA!!!

A  Major finish!!!

This is Giovanni's alphabet by Tempting Tangles Designs, stitched over one on 28 count even weave hand dyed  fabric, called Ancient by Picture This Plus

I became somewhat obsessed with this and could not put it down.
Now perhaps I will get back to a rotation of sorts and experience different fabrics and counts.
There is one thing for sure though...none of my next few projects will require a magnifier!