Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I thought a few weeks ago that there were no depths that people could sink to, when I found that some of my models had been stolen.
Since then I am realizing that there are no heights that people cannot attain in terms of kindness and generosity...and this is a much better way of looking at the world.
You were all so incredibly supportive and that was so uplifting.
I told you about Marie Paule decorating my shop...because she is a good friend , and she loves doing stuff like that and she knows I am hopeless at it.
Here is another friend who has given me some wonderful gifts.

Melinda Medeiros of Medeiros Needlecraft Designs Has reluctantly decided that she will no longer be designing for her own cross stitch business. She is going to concentrate on free lance designing for magazines and other publishers.
She sent me these fantastic models that she stitched herself.
She knew I was intrigued by the blocks so sent all these priceless models to me as a gift. I am so overwhelmed and humbled and touched by this generous act. She also sent some patterns and charts. I phoned her to thank her and started blubbering on the phone. It is just as well I had to leave a message. I likely would have been bawling if I have spoken with her.
Two views of Sampler block.

Two views of the Alphabet blocks

And a sweet needle book, ornament and altoids tin.
I feel very blessed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dan says Thank You

Dan wants me thank everyone who gave him that fabulous buffet server. He was totally surprised and he is hard man to surprise. He is thrilled that you like his cooking. He finds it a pleasure to cook for you and the gift, while totally unnecessary is great appreciated. It just broadens the realm of what he can cook.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stitching Getaway

Today I am havng a quiet day at home...of course all that means is that I have no plans to go anywhere in the car...I will still take the dogs for a walk...when it warms up outside a little bit...-5 out there right now... and I hope to spend some quality time stitching on page 2 of Jeannette Douglas's "My stitching album" . This page is called Milanese Moments and pictures will be forthcoming as I get something done on it!

Meanwhile here are some shots of the getaway to add to those Dani
and Beatrice have already posted....
Chef Dan preparing..

Chef and Sous Chef in the kitchen...I am impressed with how clean everything is after they prepared food for 18 people!

The stitchers waiting for the feast.


Beatrice, Dani, Judie

Joyce, Rebecca and Sylvia

Marie Paule
Judie and Nan
Just glancing at all these pics makes me think I should e-mail them all to the Ott light company...good advertising for them.
This has been at least the 6th or 7th year for the Getaway...the participants keep coming back for more and we keep on eating and stitching and staying up late...a good time was had by all.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What a week!!

First of all we go back to last Thursday when this article appeared in the local newspaper. Needless to say, you cannot buy publicity like that!

Then on Friday evening I gathered with a bunch of my closest friends and stitched my brains out for the entire weekend. Well OK we stopped every once in a while to eat well and to laugh heartily but mostly we stitched. I will post some pictures in my next blog. We also had a fabulous meal on Saturday prepared by my dear husband and served by he and his excellent helper Amanda...more about the meal and the of course more pictures along with the getaway snaps...in my next blog.

This was where I started on my Kappie Originals landscape on Friday...
And this is where I stopped on Sunday. I had hoped to finish the page and get it backstitched but alas that was not to be....maybe this week.
And if all that wasn't enough good stuff I received an e-mail on Sunday from a member of the Cataraqui Guild inquiring if Knowledge and Needles was interested in having a Boutique at the annual EGA Seminar which is being held in Kingston this spring! Am I interested?....I would have written her a cheque on the spot! and said so in my return e-mail.
So to all of you who were so sympathetic and comforting when I had the shoplifting incident I have to say thank you because I am sure that all the postitive vibes and good thoughts that you all sent my way paid off with all this abundance of good news.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good friends

In my last blog I promised to show you the beautiful gift these friends bestowed upon me. These ladies are Lousia and Marie Paule who showed up last week to decorate the shop. Marie Paule knows what a klutz I am at decorating and she decided that this was something she would do for me and here are the results.

Ribbons and bows and baskets of twigs decorated with my ornaments, table cloths and covered urns......I would never have been able to come up with such a creative look. It is just beautiful and incredibly festive.
I am so humbled by the kindness of my friends....
Thank You Marie Paule and Louisa...
Just for the record...all the stitched pieces are now pinned down and the pillows are tied into the basket...sad but necessary!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

They're fired!

In all honesty I cannot recommend this Security service to anyone...see my previous post!

This is how they usually can be found...it is either a clever ploy to trick thieves into a false sense of security...not so false as it happens...or else they are always just lying down on the job.

In any case they have been fired and Mollie and Paddy will just have to find other jobs to earn their Christmas money this year!
Here are some of the ornaments that Dani and I finished on Saturday...

Cardinal from JCS magazine 2007.
Celtic Beasties from Ink Circles
Wishing you...Happiness, prosperity , inspiration and friendship from Blue Ribbon designs in last years Gift of Stitching magazine.
I also want to thank you all for your supportive comments and your friendship over this shoplifting incident. You have all been so kind and sympathetic to the situation. I really appreciate everyone!
In my next post I will show you pictures of an incredile gift I received this week from a good friend. You will all be suitably impressed by the generosity of time and effort and spirit of this person. It will make the small mean-spirited shoplifter fade from memory and it will restore our faith in human kindness.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is not a happy blog...On Thursday I had a relatively new stitcher in the shop who wanted some ideas for Christmas presents she could stitch so I told her about the little red striped towels I had made which I planned to give to someone in my family at our Christmas bash...and I went looking for them....nowhere to be found...but I had some others a blue one and a yellow one also stitched with pots of herbs which would give her an idea...also nowhere to be found...I tore the shop and house apart...finally on Friday I came to the grim realization that they had all been stolen!

Today I was going to show someone a little JBW design I had stitched and made into a pillow....it's gone too!

Heaven knows what else has been taken... one thing for sure that is gone is my trust!
I really thought in my very naive little mind that stitches were not thieves... now I will not paint every stitcher with the same brush but there are people out there who are not to be trusted....
These were Christmas presents and somebody stole them....
Maybe it means my shop has really arrived...someone thinks I am doing so well that I can afford to let them take stuff!
You may recall when I blogged about my sign going missing last year and how it was subsequently found in the field across the road...snipped off and flung there by joyriding yahoos who likely did not even know me....bad enough ...but these things were taken by someone who actually would have had a converstion with me...someone who looked me in the face and made off with my stuff in their bag when my back was turned or I was in the other room cutting fabric for them or something...pretty bold I'd say!