Monday, August 22, 2011

What a great day!

Saturday was my 11th annual stitching day and what a fabulous day it was. There were over 40 stitchers in attendance and just have a look at some of the amazing stitching we had on display.

A stitchalong from Jardin Prive that a number of us are involved in.

Fairy Grandmother from Wendy and a golfing snowman from Barb

A tableful of smalls

Harry's cats

Kathy A's Royal Holiday and part of another piece stitched by Harry

Some stitchers with displays in the background

More stitchers...or maybe the same ones...

Beth's incredibly huge London scene

Fran's first hardanger piece!

Barb's Sheltering Tree

Barb's Midsummer night's fairy

Sharon's iris

Kathy B's realistic over-one wolves!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some small stitching pieces

This is a small quilt square I did for Dani . I have two more to go but they do not take long to do. There is a quilt in Dani's future.

There is also a quilt in Nan's future. Nan is one of our regular Thursday stitchers and embarked on this Prairie Schooler quilt project earlier this year. It has taken us this long to convince her that it is not a burden...really it is a pleasure for us to work on her quilt. She finally relented and let some of us take squares and go to town. I was tempted to make mine M is for me or M is for McDonald and told Judie hers should read J is for Judie O'lantern .... hmm maybe that is why Nan was relectant to let us loose on her quilt squares... however as you can see I was good and followed the pattern... I expect Judie did the same but then who knows??? We'll see on Thursday!

This is the beginning of my Mystic stitch pattern called White Lilies on you can see I am a fair distance from any white lilies. The blame for my doing this massive 20 page project lies squarely with Joyce and Enid! I imagine they are both suitably contrite.
And last but not least... in honour of the big event this weekend...the annual Knowledge and Needles Stitching Day...I bought new cushions for the chairs in the stitching room (although they will be in the garage on Saturday) The old cushions were all cushioned out and were in dire need of replacement. These new ones are cushy and comfy and make me want to sit in one and stitch all day...perhaps I just will.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Day

This past weekend was pretty much a lost cause for stitching since I got no stitching at all done on Saturday or Sunday.

Fortunately I had considerably more time the previous weekend during which I stitched Sue Hillis' Wedding Day piece for two young racing friends of Dan's.

Really it will be ironed a couple of more times before it gets to the framer!

Also last week I had time to get the magnifier out and do a fair bit on Rosewood Manor's Inspiration. I am doing it on 40 fabric and I just love the delicate way it stitches up!