Monday, September 24, 2012

Progress and visitors

We noticed these visitors the other day. If you look to the left on the first picture you can also see my giant puff balls. One is past its prime but the other two have grown to the size of soccer balls since this picture was taken.
It is lovely to have wild creatures come by for a wander through our yard.

Cars are very respectful of the turkeys as well and I have seen many slow down to let them by or just to have a good look at the birds.

I am working on a 4 day stitching rotation. Even though it sometimes takes 6 or 7 days to get in 4 days of stitching my pieces are moving ahead. I started this one "Sunbathing" by Bizzi Designs in 2008. I guess that pretty well explains why I needed to get into a rotation!

And my beautiful "White Lilies" from Mystic stitch. I do love working on this design. 13 out of 20 pages are complete.

Monday, September 10, 2012

2 small finishes

I have a number of these ornaments stitched  but only this one finished. It takes me a long time to go all around the ourside hand sewing it together with beads...I may be rethinking that finishing method! I am also unhappy with the beaded hanger and it is going to be replaced with a narrow ribbon hanger as soon as I find some narrow ribbon in the right colour.
This little JBW door hanger  is for my friend Heather who became a grandmother for the first time on September 2.
She can keep it at her house or send it home with her daughter...My thinking is...if the babe is at her house everyone will know he is sleeping because he will be right there in Heather's arms!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Save the world

I cannot say I have been doing too much world saving this summer, but then I am sans cape and tiara so that must explain it.
I have spent the morning finally updating my website and the last two hours trying to figure out why the new pictures are not loading and showing up on-line. It is a total exercise in frustration. The first time in months that I got around to my website and  something major is screwing up!
My stitching has been on and off. I had cataract surgery in July and am finally just getting new glasses to adapt to the new lens next week. I expect my stitching volume will increase as my eyesight is restored and the cool weather settles in...I hope so anyway.