Monday, January 28, 2013

Rotation January 2013

I have begun a new rotation since the other one worked so well.  Here are my new starts and my WIP which had not been touched in over a year ...until now.

This is Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow being stitched on 25 count daffodil  lugana
Inspiration from Rosewood Manor was the WIP which had not seen the light of day since 2011. In three days I was able to do the entire area to the right  starting around that bird furthest to the right.
It is being done on 40 count with one strand over two threads.

I will start something else also but I don't know what just yet.

These 4 little blue ornaments were in a British magazine and I fell in love with them. I decided to forget the back stitching the instructions called for and I think they look just fine without it.

In the same British magazine there were instructions  to make a small crazy quilt pillow. I was intrigued since it looked easy and I need some new cushions for the couch so this morning I  spent more hours than I care to think about attempting to make a crazy quilt pillow top. I would have finished it too had I not screwed up my sewing machine  by getting the bobbin thread caught in the innards of the bobbin holder thing and my machine...balked and said no more!
I quickly realized about 1/4 of the way into the  project, why I don't sew...all this measuring and sewing and cutting straight...not for me. Alas even once I get the machine fixed.... I may need it to zig-zag around a cross stitch  piece, it is unlikely  I will go back to my misshapen, somewhat puckered pillow top. It is too bad though because I was sort of looking forward to doing that embroidery over all the seams which give crazy quilts  such a neat look.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Retreat 2013

Another successful  stitching retreat to Timberhouse Inn  in Brighton. Before we get to the stitching pictures here are some of the hard working  chefs who laboured behind the scenes on Saturday to bring us  an  excellent lunch.
Sous chef Bob  preparing the main course of Pork Wellington

Sous chef Bob, Chef Dan, Sous sous chef Simon

The tables were set
Mary, Cheryl, Fran and Kathy

Sharon and  Debbie 


Bonnie and Dani

Fran, Kathy and Brenda

Bonnie finished Dragon Dreams  Days of Christmas 1 and 2
Debbie finish "99"

Here are my completed "White Lilies"  The piece was finished before the retreat   but  it was a good place to show it off!

I managed to miss pictures of numerous  other of the participants  but more pictures are available on Fran's blog and Dani's blog.