Friday, October 26, 2007

Computer worries

October 26, 2007

Our computer had a fit last night and slipped into a computer coma-like state. Steve, the computer go-to guy tells me that while it is not likely to actually expire this weekend, I should prepare for the worst. I have the computer home again, after he worked his magic on it. It is once again conscious and functioning, and he is busy at his shop de-coding something that will tell him the extent of the problem.

Consequently instead of taking pictures and displaying them as I had planned to do today, I think I will take it easy on the poor thing and just write a bit of text and not burden it with more pokes and prods in the back side as would happen if I inserted the camera cable thing to get pictures off the camera and into the computer.

If I had taken pictures I would have included an up date of Pretty Pumpkins which would not have shown you much since today is the day to work on it and I did very little last really no progress to report. I do plan to stitch on it this afternoon though so next week I'll have something to report.

My "It's good to be Queen" has progressed to the stage where back stitching and embellishments are required. That means the piece is almost done!!!!

I stitched a bib for my SIL's new grandchild which is expected in May (!). Then decided I need to do one for my brother it is partly done. By next week I'll have two bibs to show. I am going to give them to the soon-to-be grandparents for Christmas . They will get a kick out of them.

I also have all the black stuff done on Kaleidoscope. That is going to be a smashing piece. I am looking forward to starting on all the gorgeous colours inside the black swirly designs.

I think that is all my stitching for the last week. The teapot did not make it out of the bag yesterday...the Queen took precedence!


Kathy A. said...

Keep that Queen rolling Ann. I feel a Happy Dance in your near future! Sorry about the computer glitch - boy, we don't realize how dependent we are on them until they conk out. Hope the fix is permanent.

Beatrice said...

I hope your computer gets well soon. Maybe it needs some of Kathy's narcotic cough meds.!!!
Have fun With the Backstitching.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that you sort out your computer problems soon. The teapots look fabulous ladies as does the HAED Santa. Looking forward to seeing the bibs.

tkdchick said...

Get that queen finished Ann! Ooooh and the pretty colours for Kaliedascope!