Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pretty Pumpkins

November 7, 20o7

Here is my latest installment of the pumpkins. I stitched on this last Friday and really have nothing else to show for the weekend! I did do some backstitching on the Queen but it is not worth taking a picture of it till I get it all done. I also worked for a short time on my teapot but got lured away by a Clive Cussler book which had been loaned to me by Olive, one of the Thursday stitchers. Yesterday I spent most of my time going back and forth to Whitby (an hour each way) and while there spending an hour and a half at the passport office for the privilege of spending maybe 5 minutes at the most with an agent who renewed my passport and took my $87.00. I was astounded at the traffic in and out of that place!

Today when I finish my domestic chores and a bit of running around I am going to work on CdC.


Vonna said...

Oh...I cannot wait to start on my CdC for the week :) But I'm stitching on mine on Thursdays...Wednesdays are my laundry day and you can imagine I'm sure what that is like with 6 people living in my household...:)

Your Pretty Pumpkins are looking so *pretty* ~ good job!

Anonymous said...

Your CdC is looking so good! The color works so well on that color fabric. I'll be watching your progress.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Love your progress on Pretty Pumpkins! A group of friends and I are starting ours. It's nice to know you've enjoyed stitching it, too! I got a link from a friend to your blog (Nicole from Island..)
I'll be back!

Kathy A. said...

Pumpkins are looking nice Ann. Please say hi to the girls for me tomorrow. Miss you all

tkdchick said...

Those colours are just awesome!