Saturday, December 1, 2007

Early Christmas

Saturday , December 1, 2007

We have laughed so hard since yesterday afternoon that our cheeks are sore. Our good friends Bruce and Luci arrived in a blizzard on Friday afternoon and we have been having fun ever since. Last night we went out for we enjoyed Eggs Benedict for breakfast, made by B & L, and then we broke out the champagne and orange juice for our traditional present opening. Well...we had fun... here are Dan and Bruce in their matching Butthead t-shirts... aren't they just the men you wished you had married?

and of course the backs! Some of you may remember my progress pictures of Luci's cactus ...well here it is in all its glory being opened by Luci..she is very happy!
And of course some of you are aware of the chicken saga that goes on and on and on and on with us...turns out that we gave each other the same chickens this is Bruce with both of them...they are totally annoying ... they do the chicken dance to loud obnoxious music and make strangling noises when you grab them by the throat...totally suitale for the Buttheads.
We also exchanged other of which I will show on my next blog because again it was so appropriate but I think that the buttheads and the chickens are all you guys can handle for one day.

Tonight we will enjoy a turkey dinner which I can smell cooking as I type and we'll watch Miracle on 34th Street ( my favourite movie...the old one of course) and no doubt laugh some more. Tomorrow we'll go out for lunch and have hot turkey sandwiches for supper. The wine will be flowing! This is one of my favourite weekends of the year!

Right now I can do this because the buttheads are gone somewhere in the car (who knows where) and Luci has gone for a walk. I am home with dogs (who also received presents) in case I get a customer or two (hope springs eternal) in the shop. Wow...just as I typed that Sharon and Lisa arrived and they bought Lanarte's Spring Ride which Sharon will stitch for Lisa!

BTW, I am typing this on our brand new computer!!! It is lovely and very fast.


Vonna said...

Well I think the buttheads are cute! :)
Sounds like your having the time of your life!

Judie said...

Glad to hear that B&L arrived safely. I was wondering how they made out. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend. Also proves that great minds think alike - as proven by the two chickens. Lucy's gift looks lovely and I am sure she really appreciated it. I hope you get a picture of it framed.

Beatrice said...

I'm glad you had so much fun!! The buttheads are just that! And the chickens well that is so funny that you got the same ones.
OHHH a new computer how great is that?
I agree with Judie I hope to see a photo of the Cactus framed!

tkdchick said...

Looks like you all have wayyy too much fun for it to be legal!

Tell Dan I love his new shirt, suits him nicely!

LOL the chickens!

Lynn said...

Love the buttheads' shirts!!
Sounds like it was an incredibly fun weekend. Good friends,good food and good times. What else could you possibly want?!

Kathy A. said...

What fun you are having. And the two buttheads - how very appropriate. Enjoy your early Christmas and be careful of that eggnog. It can pack a punch