Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Do I look great-auntly?

Wednesday January 2, 2008
Am I looking suitably great auntly?
This is the newest member of the McDonald extended family, Isabella, born to my nephew and his wife on December 18. Dan and I were thrilled when they stopped in on Sunday for a brief visit. Their three daughters, Sarah, Lauren and now Isabella are adorable and they all make up the loveliest family you ever saw.

On New Year's Eve Day, Dan and I headed to St Catharines to spend the evening and night with Bruce and Luci...It was a quiet and uneventful celebration and we all managed to stay awake until midnight!
New Year's Day's drive home was less pleasant starting with a flat tire on the Queen Elizabeth Expressway. I spent the entire time by the side of the road worrying about when we would get rear ended and killed..whether by some stupid speeder, someone who just cannot drive in slush, someone still drunk from the night before, or just anyone. Fortunately we got the tire changed and were on our way before any of those awful possibilities happened. There have been far too many fatal accidents on the big highways in Ontario of late where someone is stopped, well off the road like we were and still gets nailed by a speeder. The roads were not the greatest...we did get quite a bit of snow in Ontario yesterday...but we finally arrived home safe and sound. Today, it is just plain cold.

I got to do some stitching today, my first of 2008, and aptly enough worked on CdC which I was happy to pick up after about a three week break from it!


tkdchick said...

I was worried about your drive! As ours was quite a challenge as well!

See you tomorrow!

Wendy said...

Ahh, sweet little baby! Congrats to the new parents!!

Tita said...

You are a wonderful great-aunt. What a beautiful baby.