Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aaah winter in Canada...

The storm is over but according to Dan who went into Toronto today, the roads are still terrible and people seem to insist upon driving as if it is a summer day and without snow tires! Here are a few photos for those of you who are basking in more southern climes and who don't see snow. These are after I spent 45 minutes with the snowblower!

Enough of winter and household chores. I have a laundry in the washer, bread in the breadmaker, supper planned (figuring out what to make is sometimes more difficult that actually cooking it) and now I am going to pick up Pretty Pumpkins and spend some good time with it while taping the NASCAR race. There was even snow in Atlanta (where they are racing)yesterday!!! It was a very large storm!
I'll see if I can't add a couple more leaves to the bottom of the picture.


tkdchick said...

Poor you stuck with the snowblowing. I just refuse to do it... its take my imaginary BF about 2 hours to clear everything up.

I'll be posting my snow piccys later today!

Pretty Pumpkins is pretty as usual!

Beatrice said...

Well we all have some photos to share today.
Even I did some work on the sidewalk.
The truck got stuck...Called CAA.
The snowblower broke....put on a new belt.
What a day.
I'm going to stitch now and thats it.
Pretty pumpkins as usual!!!

Lynn said...

Winter in Canada, bah humbug! And to think that I used to believe that white was such a bright colour. Now when I see white it just makes me want to cry, lol!

Laura said...

Well, down here in Texas your snow looks like a pretty winter picture postcard, but I guess that you would be ready to say goodbye to winter by March.

Carolien said...

Thanks for sharing the snow with us, Ann. And what a lovely house you have! Wow.

Greetings, Carolien