Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I thought a few weeks ago that there were no depths that people could sink to, when I found that some of my models had been stolen.
Since then I am realizing that there are no heights that people cannot attain in terms of kindness and generosity...and this is a much better way of looking at the world.
You were all so incredibly supportive and that was so uplifting.
I told you about Marie Paule decorating my shop...because she is a good friend , and she loves doing stuff like that and she knows I am hopeless at it.
Here is another friend who has given me some wonderful gifts.

Melinda Medeiros of Medeiros Needlecraft Designs Has reluctantly decided that she will no longer be designing for her own cross stitch business. She is going to concentrate on free lance designing for magazines and other publishers.
She sent me these fantastic models that she stitched herself.
She knew I was intrigued by the blocks so sent all these priceless models to me as a gift. I am so overwhelmed and humbled and touched by this generous act. She also sent some patterns and charts. I phoned her to thank her and started blubbering on the phone. It is just as well I had to leave a message. I likely would have been bawling if I have spoken with her.
Two views of Sampler block.

Two views of the Alphabet blocks

And a sweet needle book, ornament and altoids tin.
I feel very blessed.


Ginnie said...

I love those blocks, great idea. What a lovely friend.

Beatrice said...

Oh my what a lovely gift. they are all wonderful!!
You deserve it!

Cindy F. said...

Good things happen to good people:)
What a nice surprise to receive such beautiful finished pieces to display in your shop! What a wonderful friend she is!

Aussie Stitcher said...

The blocks are gorgeous Ann, and you deserve them.

Carolien said...

Oh, how sweet! And yes you deserve it very much!

Have a great weekend & hugs, Carolien