Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boxing Day Sale

On December 26 will be holding a big 25% off everything in the store Boxing Day sale. E-mail me or drop in to get these great deals!!!

I finished Jeannette's Douglas's Page 2 of My Stitching Album and am very proud of it! Next I picked up a round robin that I told Carmen (last August!!!) I would work on for will be arriving home in the mail soon Carmen.I did three rows of Jeannette Douglas's Northern Shield Sampler for Carmen. There are only 5 or 6 rows left to do. It seems to have been a JD kind of week for me.
Next I pulled out my Heart's Content piece, Splendor II, which hasn't seen the light of day since June and did a few motifs on it last night. I am going to try to continue on it till the end of the year and then I will treat myself to a new start which I think will be Long Dog's Froth and Bubble and I even have the GAST threads for it!

I must mention . Carolien mentioned me in her blog awhile back and tagged me with a Bloggie Goodness Award. Thank You Carolien!

I hope to see or hear from some of you on Boxing Day!


Beatrice said...

WOW your page is so pretty. It is fun. I've been busy with some gift stitching so I finally got back to mine.
The Magnolia is beautiful!
And all those nice ornies...boy you have been busy!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful piece! Congrats on finishing page 2!

Anonymous said...

It's quite beautiful on the black fabric.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hi Ann, hope you and Dan had a great Christmas! I also hope you had a busy Boxing Day!

Your Jeannette Douglas page looks fantastic!