Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Bib

Friends we met in Florida last month just celebrated the birth of their first child. So I made a bib which will go out in the mail this week. The bib was a pleasant change from my over 1 Pretty Pumpkins which are still progressing.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Marie Paule has been stitching for about three years now but as you can see from this picture she is a very creative person and has found a wonderful way to finish one of her projects. This is her finished product for Cross Wing's Collection "Back from the Brink"
Her husband came by earlier in the day on Thursday to set up the display so the Thursday stitchers (and anyone else who dropped into the shop) could enjoy it. All of the Thursday group were blown away by the idea. Dani was here yesterday and also took pictures (more close up than mine) and has them posted on her blog. She also got a shot of the birthday cake Judie brought for me.

I was so busy being awed by Marie Paule's creativity and surprised by the birthday cake that I neglected to get a shot of the cake.

All in all it was a great day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1 X More

Dan gave me personalized license plates for my birthday. And what is that you are seeing in the background??? Could it be more snow?

Here is my progress on Pretty Pumpkins. The leaves took a long time to do so I was happy to move back to the colourful pumpkins. Alas as I was about to do the swirly thing on the pumpkin on the far right I realized that I had used the wrong colour on the swirly thing in the first section of that pumpkin. Since it is easier to do the second swirly thing in the wrong colour too than it is to take the first one out I guess I will have unique pretty pumpkins. The whole problem appears to be that I did not read the pattern closely enough. There are two * with heavy lines and one with light lines (Why do designers do this?) and I mixed them up! Fortunately the colours are close enough that they still look OK. Of course if they had been vastly different I may have noticed my error...OH Well...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aaah winter in Canada...

The storm is over but according to Dan who went into Toronto today, the roads are still terrible and people seem to insist upon driving as if it is a summer day and without snow tires! Here are a few photos for those of you who are basking in more southern climes and who don't see snow. These are after I spent 45 minutes with the snowblower!

Enough of winter and household chores. I have a laundry in the washer, bread in the breadmaker, supper planned (figuring out what to make is sometimes more difficult that actually cooking it) and now I am going to pick up Pretty Pumpkins and spend some good time with it while taping the NASCAR race. There was even snow in Atlanta (where they are racing)yesterday!!! It was a very large storm!
I'll see if I can't add a couple more leaves to the bottom of the picture.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A finish

My stitching has been sporadic at best this past month. First there was the holiday in Florida and then the preparations for and actual Open House last weekend.
However this morning I managed to put the last few stitches in my 25 ct Cirque des Cercles
I just had to finish something! and this was it. Here are a few pictures of the stitching room set up for the Open House. The weekend was a great success and everyone who attended seemed pleased with the Nashville selections.
Thank You all for coming!

I am taking it easy at home today. All the snow that went away with the gorgeous spring like day we had on Monday, has returned today. Dan was out with the snow blower before he went to work (here in town vs in Toronto, thank goodness) and I have been out clearing snow as well since then...there seems to be no end in sight! Apparently there is yet another blast of winter weather coming on Friday/Saturday! Oh well it is good stitching weather!