Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boxing Day Sale

On December 26 will be holding a big 25% off everything in the store Boxing Day sale. E-mail me or drop in to get these great deals!!!

I finished Jeannette's Douglas's Page 2 of My Stitching Album and am very proud of it! Next I picked up a round robin that I told Carmen (last August!!!) I would work on for will be arriving home in the mail soon Carmen.I did three rows of Jeannette Douglas's Northern Shield Sampler for Carmen. There are only 5 or 6 rows left to do. It seems to have been a JD kind of week for me.
Next I pulled out my Heart's Content piece, Splendor II, which hasn't seen the light of day since June and did a few motifs on it last night. I am going to try to continue on it till the end of the year and then I will treat myself to a new start which I think will be Long Dog's Froth and Bubble and I even have the GAST threads for it!

I must mention . Carolien mentioned me in her blog awhile back and tagged me with a Bloggie Goodness Award. Thank You Carolien!

I hope to see or hear from some of you on Boxing Day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More ornaments

Well...there are ornaments following this picture of the Magnolia from "Pillows from Paula's Garden" that I stitched this month for my friend Luci for Christmas. I managed to do it in 15 days. I dropped it off this morning to be made into a pillow and Debbie has already called me to say it is finished, so I will pick that up tomorrow and my Christmas shopping will be finished! And here are the ornaments ... a woodpecker from one of the JCS Ornament issues...
These are also from various JCS Ornament issues...

I believe these came from "Gift of Stitching"...I usually finish my ornaments with glue and fabric backing but I beaded these and they have personalized backs...I am kind of proud of them.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Wendy was a knitter when she first came into my shop with her daughter Carrie a few years ago...but look at her now! We have made a convert! Okay she still knits upon occasion..this little pink sweater was commissioned by Marie Paule for her grandaughter....
This Santa is a Christmas gift ....

And these gorgeous tulips are also a Christmas gift...for Wendy's boss at work...I'd say once he gets this fabulous piece of work that he should give her a raise!

And last but not least this was Wendy's round robin which she is giving to Carrie...the animals were stitched by various Thursday stitchers... Judie, Judy, Barb, Angie, Beatrice, Kathy, Adriana, Lisa, me, and of course Wendy herself did one...and The original had a big colourful rooster in the middle but she has other plans for the middle...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Friday Stitchers

Our stitching group on Thursday has proven so popular that I have had to add another group on Fridays. These ladies are just as dedicated and produce some fabulous pieces. Here is Cheryl with her over one Sundlower. Angie, who is in Arizona right now, usually comes to stitch on Thursday but I found this shot of her with her gorgous stitched stitching bag.

Cheryl again with one of the two Boyd's Bears designs she is stitching for her best friend who is becoming the grandmother of twins in the New Year.

Fran is enjoying her L*K Christmas design...If you think Fran enjoys everything she does, I believe you are right...she has a very sunny personality