Monday, March 23, 2009

The End of an Era

We had a little retreat on the weekend ...more about that later...and hopefully on Dani's blog because I did not take any pictures...too excited I guess. Beatrice has some photos!

Anyway, on Saturday my car was acting up ...badly... and I am sure some people wondered why I sort of shrugged it off and calmly took Dan's car instead instead of ranting and raving about vehicles and their unreliability...well the reason for my nonchalance in the face of a car not responding as it should was simple.

It had already been traded in.

So Good bye little Beetle!

I enjoyed this car for 9 years and it served me well up until the last couple of months when we started unsuccessfully chasing an electrical (maybe) gremlin.

Hello New Jetta! May you live and serve as long and as faithfully! We picked it up today.

On to stitching news... Here is my Rosewood Manor "Ye Olde Sampler Bag" When next you see this piece Debbie will have sewn it into a beautiful little clutch purse. Of course I have to find lining material first and go see Debbie...but I am confident I will find some fabulous fabric and I know Debbie will work her sewing magic!

Also we had our favouite houseguest...oops sorry Dani and Christin...our favourite 4-legged houseguest... for a few days..Here are Paddy and Oliver enjoyng a rare curl-up on the couch. They were sent down soon after this picture was snapped.

The Retreat...18 of us converged on The Timber House and stitched our little fingers to the bone this past weekend. It must have been a wonderful success because everyone wants to come back next year...fully booked ! How cool is that?

I worked on Froth and Bubble but neglected to take a picture so that can wait till my next post...which I promise will be soon.

I am counting on Dani publishing some pictures of our industriousness and well yes we did indulge in a bit of eating as well...not to mention all the face was sore more than a couple of times!

Thank You to all the participants!!!


Beatrice said...

The car looks like a do you, it suits you!

We will miss the bug around town though!

Anonymous said...

Nice new car - but I am going to miss the yellow landmark! Thanks for a great weekend.

Cindy F. said...

I know the retreat was so much fun! so glad so many can get together and enjoy each other's craft and company!
Your beetle still looks new!! You took very good care of it:) Congrats on it's replacement though!

Maren said...

Nice Jetta. Sounds like the get together was a blast! Now to pop over to Beatrice's blog to see the lovely photos! :)

Congrats on your finish! I can't wait to see it sewn into it's final form.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wahoootie Ann! What a beauty! I see you got all dressed up for the occasion too!

I'm working on the pictures, its been hard to get back in the swing of things and to find the energy to do it all!