Friday, February 12, 2010


Greeting from not so hot and sunny Florida.
I would love to have some pictures of us lounging by the pool in the hot sun relaxing and getting tanned but alas we have not exactly been enjoying pool-sitting-beside weather. Yes I know we did not get the huge blizzard that Washington DC and the mid Atlantic states have and it is not
-2 C like at home but hey we're in Florida...we wanted better weather than this! I am getting lots of use out of the sweatshirt Fran made me though!
OK enough whining...

The girls are with us because Mollie licked away at her back leg to the point where she gave herself an infection and we did not want to leave her behind. They heve been getting lots of walks and as you can see from the photos they each got a new Florida bandana. She finished her antibiotics and her leg is all healed up and she is on a higher dose of medicam. So it was a good ploy on her part to get a trip to Florida!

I have tried to stitch outside because the light is so much better but the aforementined cool weather has prevented that for the most part.... However here are my two new starts since I finished the JD Stitching album and the Stained Glass landscape.
This is the start (upper left corner) of my Toile pillow. I am using Eterna silk and it is very light and filmy to work with. I think it will give a gorgeous sheen to the pillow though. It is on 36 ct linen.

And this is The Siam Fusion band sampler. I am also using silk for it and it too is lovely to work with.
It is on a piece of 32 count purply linen that Sharon C gave me and I am liking the look.


Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh - I hope you don't expect me to feel sorry for you. Although we don't have any snow, it is much colder here. Your new starts look lovely.

Lynn said...

I'm with Judie! After the chilly drive home from work today I was wishing I was already south. I'll take anything that's higher than our temps. The view is better down in Florida too.
Glad you're getting in some stitching time. I really like that Band sampler you've chosen. Lovely colours.
Hope the girls are enjoying the trip.

Carolien said...

Hello Ann,

Bad luck concerning the weather, I hope better times will come. When it comes, will you send a little to Holland too, please ... it´s freezing here.

Have a nice weekend and o yes, your dog with that bandana is so cute!!!
Hugs, Carolien

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ann, the girlie dogs look so much happier down in Florida, they must be so happy to be there with you!

Great new starts!

Franny said...

Its great that you are able to get a little stitching done. Our Friday afternoon was a success but its not the same without you.

The girls look like they are enjoying their Florida holiday. We are getting a few snowflakes tonight.

Kathy A. said...

And I'm loving the sun in AZ - wrong direction girl! You should have come west!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Kathy`s comment,it is getting pretty hot out here in Arizona.
The Girls look great in there bandana`s,But they both could have a litle suntan.??????????
Love from Angie....