Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fabulous heirloom

Janet created this birth sampler for her newest grandchild. The 7 dwarfs are stitched on a beautiful piece of Crossed Wing collection fabric called Dogs day out.

Janet did a beautiful job on the stitching and mounting but there is more that adds to this treasure. The baby quilt on which the stitching is mounted was Janet's very own baby quilt made for her in 1941 by a Mrs Perry who was a close friend of Janet's grandmother!

Janet has the quilt folded over once so that her daughter can hang it on a dowel in the baby's room.

Just think of the generations involved in this birth sampler. Isn't it a fabulous gift for little Raelyn?


Lana said...

THAT is amazing!! I always get goosebumps when I hear stories like this. I guess only a stitcher would truly understand the true value of something like a heirloom quilt. If someone gave me something like this? I'd start bawling!! Gorgeous!!

Bea said...

Incredible gift. And such a gorgeous piece of stitching. I'm sure it will be cherished by even more generations.

Beatrice said...

Saw this in real life...wonderful!!!!

Cathy said...

A beautiful treasure.

Julie said...

Wow- that is amazing!!