Monday, December 12, 2011


 This is the beautiful table runner the Friday Stitchers made and surprised me with on Friday.  It is a reminder of all the lovely birds who come to the feeder we can see  as we are stitching. They took me completely by surprise.

 Am I not fortunate to have such wonderfuul and generous friends? More photos can be viewed on Fran's blog
 Next comes my meagre progress on Jardin Prive. I do not see a finish on this piece by Dec 31!
I am delighted however with this finished product. I only hope David likes it as much! My Christmas tree, which I put up yesterday is in the background. I feel much more in the Christmas spirit now!

 This is where I am with White Lilies on Mystic stitch project.
 And two pairs of socks finished...the green ones are a pair in spite  of the fact that they appear to be two different shades of green...all from the same ball of yarn!
 And these gems are the result of my first attempt a short rowing the heel!  I am not sure if I will pursue that method or stick with what I am used to.
Isn't this going to make a cute sock? It is fun to watch the pattern emerge.


Lynn said...

Gorgeous table runner Ann! You must be thrilled with it.
I'm ashamed to say I've not yet started my Jardin Prive. Yours is coming along nicely.
Are you kidding me? David is going to LOVE 99 Beers!!

Carolien said...

Ho ho ho, this looks so good!

How lovely, this gesture of your stitching friends.

Merry Christmas, dear Ann,

hugs, Carolien