Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sunshine State

Here we are in Florida and finding it warm, relaxing and perfect. We have been here three days now and I believe that would count as three days of better weather already than we had during all of last year's visit!
I have been swimming in the (heated) pool ...stitching on Alpine Seasons...
...knitting on socks...

and reading but I forgot to take a picture of the book but today I will be on to another one anyway...
I have also been breakfasting late in the lanai with my trusty companions. Dan made breakfast by the way. We have gone on leisurely walks around block and are generally thoroughly enjoying our solitude, privacy and holiday in this lovely comfortable Florida home.

Downsides?...the only immediate one is that I have had a slight reaction to the sunblock I was using and my face is red, but not from the sun. Today I'll find a drugstore and get something that doesn't cause this itching ...all in all not a big problem! So no complaints so far.
The house at home is well looked after, Dan is getting a well deserved holiday, I am going to get a great deal of stitching done...all's right with the world.
Well our world anyway...I have no idea what's going on in the great wide world as I haven't seen any news this week other than to hear the Elizabeth Taylor has died.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let the pictures do the talking

These are two pairs of socks I have knit! Thank You Clare for the yarn and Fran for the finishing! Fran gave me this great Stitching bag for my birthday. She made it and I am looking forward to filling it with my projects to take to Florida. This is the inside with very large zip lock bags for holding all my thread and charts and stitching.
And this is the personalized out side! Thank You Fran!

Lisa is a Thursday stitcher and this is her cat....

And of course you all know Adriana and these two pieces are her latest finishes.

This one of birds is incredible!!

I also had taken a photo of Beatrice's progress on her Miribilia Sand Castle piece but the picture didn't turn out very well. I am not dubbed the world's worst photographer without good cause.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sloppy weather

Well it snowed all day yesterday and it is raining we are experiencing some very sloppy weather. I am just glad I don't have to go anyplace. I was out this morning thinking to shovel the walkway, which I did but I stopped at that because the wet wet snow is just so heavy! It was exhausting to try to move it. Rubber boots are the order of the day!
Yesterday I stitched on Ethan's stocking and have finally arrived at the point where all that remains in backstitching. That was my choice of course so next week when I pick it up again I will backstich my little brains out and maybe have it finished before we go to Florida.
The next few days I will get back at my Alpine Meadows piece. It is huge and I have done very it deserves some attention.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday stitchers

Hi Loyal readers.. I have been very remiss in blogging and for this I apologize. We have had quite the week, not that that is an excuse, but I will complain anyway. On Monday we visited Dan's 86 year old Dad in Mississaugua. On Thursday we went to a funeral in Huntsviille ..the deceased was only 54(!) of was a hard one. It has been a hard week. So by Friday I was glad to be home with my Friday Stitching friends and I am happy to show you their work..
Here is Cheryl's version of an Ink Circles piece but I am not sure which one it is... but she chose her own colours. And here is Anne 's "Clipper Ship Voyage" By Dimensions, which she has stitched for her husband and soulmate Brian.
I have been working on the CS& CC stocking for my great nephew. I will post a picture this week. I promise!!!!