Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sunshine State

Here we are in Florida and finding it warm, relaxing and perfect. We have been here three days now and I believe that would count as three days of better weather already than we had during all of last year's visit!
I have been swimming in the (heated) pool ...stitching on Alpine Seasons...
...knitting on socks...

and reading but I forgot to take a picture of the book but today I will be on to another one anyway...
I have also been breakfasting late in the lanai with my trusty companions. Dan made breakfast by the way. We have gone on leisurely walks around block and are generally thoroughly enjoying our solitude, privacy and holiday in this lovely comfortable Florida home.

Downsides?...the only immediate one is that I have had a slight reaction to the sunblock I was using and my face is red, but not from the sun. Today I'll find a drugstore and get something that doesn't cause this itching ...all in all not a big problem! So no complaints so far.
The house at home is well looked after, Dan is getting a well deserved holiday, I am going to get a great deal of stitching done...all's right with the world.
Well our world anyway...I have no idea what's going on in the great wide world as I haven't seen any news this week other than to hear the Elizabeth Taylor has died.


Anonymous said...

You look so relaxed. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves.

Franny said...

You are looking very relaxed. We missed your wonderful company today as we stitched at Catherine's place.

The only other news you are missing is we are having another Federal election and Mr. Krenik, age 96 of Krenik threads passed away.

Enjoy your holiday!!!

Lynn said...

A well deserved vacation for sure. Enjoy your time in the warmth for the cold is still lingering here.

Anonymous said...

You are having a well deserved break-enjoy it. Wish I was there with you. It's still quite cold up here and we had lots morse snow this past week. Let's hope all this cold weather will end soon and we get to enjoy some warmer weather.
Nice progress on alpine garden. Will it be done by the time you get home????

Anonymous said...

I am drooling! And it is bleep!bleep! cold here. Have a great time with much stitching, reading and knitting and whatever!