Monday, August 27, 2012

Stitching Day 2012

Warning...numerous pictures!!!
We had a fabulous day on Saturday , with around 37 or 38 stitchers in attendance. There was a lot of oohing and aahing, talking, laughing (sometimes uproariously), eating, shopping, comparing techniques, learning techniques, eating, visiting, giggling and generally enjoying being with like minded stitchers.
Here is a hodge-podge of photos of people's work and some of the people themselves...

This cardinal pair is from a magazine...stitched by Barb

On the left are pieces from Colleen, but I do not know the names of the pieces and the black fabric on the right is Cirque des carreaux (Ink Circles) in Beatrice

This Gold Wing motorcycle was not on display because by Saturday it was in the hands of the friend for whom Sharon had stitched it. He is in the last stages of cancer and Sharon wanted to get it to him to have it asap. It was a photogrph which Sharon converted to cross stitch. There are over 40,000 stitches done with one strand over 2 on 40 count fabric.

Carmen and Isode hard at work.

                                                                        Eveline and Colleen
Dani's Faberge egg...made for her dad.

Linda, Christin. Bonnie, Dani bending over, Beatrice's hair, Sherry and Teresa

Mary's Christmas stockings

Kathy A's Mirabilia round robin

Beatrice and Kathy A's Desert Mandalas...with corners of Betrices Ink Circles and Long Dog WIPs

Isolde and Eveline choosing colours. The only time I picked up a needle all day was when I found one on the floor beside these guys!

Bonnie's arms, Dani, Kathy A, Beatrice and  Barb

Christin, Bonnie and Dani

Eveline, Wendy and Marg

Carmen, Isolde and Colleen

All in all...I'd say we had quite a day !!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here are the empty racks already set up in the garage in anticipation of the crowds of stitchers who will arrive on Saturday. We use the racks to display everyone's work which in turn inspires all of us.
Last year there were 40 of us here, eating, stitching, shopping, visiting, oohing and ahhing  and generally having a good time. Everyone is welcome.
I'll post more photos in my next blog of the filled racks and some of the fabulous pieces that will be here.

Mollie and Paddy are also always waiting for morsels to drop into their waiting mouths!