Sunday, February 16, 2014


 Oh I have had such a wonderful time...
I'll start with my favourite chart from this years show and then maybe add a few more , then add more pictures as the week progresses. Once back in Florida I will update my website as well and will be emailing you if you had asked for specific things...
So this is my favourite...
I will stitch the little porkers and make them into ornaments!

A few more...
Red Velvet cake

Rainbow parfait

snowman wisdom

And some sweet new athletes from Eileen of Handblessings.

I had breakfast with Eileen and her husband this morning and they are delightful!

I had  lunch with Anne Frazier who owns Gloriana  Silks. What a lovely and fascinating woman. She gave me a sample of a new colour, soon to be released. By the way her silks are wonderful to work with. I had Gionanni's Alphabet with me and she was happy to see her thread stitched up. The woman from Picture This Plus was also happy to see her fabric with an interesting chart stitched onto it.

My treasures are all packed into the suitcase with very little room to spare. I am tired but not as beat as last night, so I will have another early night with a bit of TV and my kindle secure in the knowledge that I will get to fondle all my lovely stuff again later in the week as I inventory it, price it and add it to the website.

I also got to visit with Jeannette Douglas and she was asking for you Dani.

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Anonymous said...

I am seeing some stuff I like. Pigs can fly is SO cute. Now which one of Judie's daughters likes pigs?