Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rotations work

These are the three major pieces I finished in 2015 using a 4 day rotation.
This one is called Magpie by Mystic Stitch took more the a year but it is one I did enjoy  especially once I was finished with the sky.
Ella's stocking was begun in January 2015 and presented to the little Miss for her birthday in November, just in time for Christmas.
And last but not least, my TW called Father Winter finished just last week. I was thinking to myself  as I beaded last week did I ever get through this piece without getting discouraged? I decided that I likely managed because I did it 4 days at a time. At no time did I expect to get very far in 4 days so I guess I did not expect too much each time but...look it all added up. 

I also made some ornaments and worked on my Dear Jane  piece. This has inspired me to keep up with the rotation plan for 2016. My stitching for 2016 will include Dear Jane, a new Mystic Stitch, ornaments and...I am planning to get back at my BB designed appliqu├ęd quilt. More on the quilt next time.


Carolien said...

Your finishes are great, Ann! The magpie scene is wonderful!!!

Hugs from Holland, Carolien

Teresa said...

Congratulations, Ann! Lovely work!