Monday, May 12, 2008

Christmas presents

I can't believe that I actually have a Christmas presnt made! Aren't they the cutest little things? This Fortune Teller , designed by Lynne Nicoletti was fun to make as well. She has a whole line of them. This is the original with flowers around the outside folds...others include the Fairy Tale Fortune teller, Cats Fortune Teller and the latest one is her Dogs Fortune Teller. I have plans for this one, which if they come to fruition I will share with you at a later date.

Although I have these pictures to share, all the stitching was completed last week.

I have nothing to show for the weekend except a great looking yard and numerous aching muscles. Dan and I rented a wood chipper and made short work of great piles of branches and wood that had been piling up around the property. He did go a little nuts with the chain saw a couple of weeks ago, but those pine trees really needed trimming! Anyway our back yard which has always been rather a mess is looking considerably better and with the trees thinned out we can actually see into the woods and we are very happy with our hard work. We also replaced a little fir tree that succumbed to the winter weather (and the salt I think), have the hanging baskets up and the planter full of petunias and geraniums and the front beds weeded and filled in with our very own home made wood chips! Nice to have the place looking good. Oh yes, the dandelions add that extra bit of colour!

After finishing Pretty Pumpkins a couple of weeks ago, I now feel ready to tackle another large project so I have put a few stitches into Bizzi Creation's Sunbathing...progress pics will follow once I make some progress!


Kathy A. said...

Christmas presents already!!! Wow, Ann I am proud of you. I'll bet you and Dan are whipped after all that work but I am sure the yard is looking fine!

Beatrice said...

It sounds like you worked hard...Can't wait to see the results. Isn't Spring fun!

Carolien said...

Your Christmas presents are cute and this fortune teller is so funny! Like that very much!

Have a nice day & greetings, Carolien

Sonda in OR said...

They are lovely!!! Congrats on getting a jump start on Christmas! I'm jealous...or maybe inspired...LOL