Monday, June 9, 2008


Last Sunday we spent almost the entire day on the road visiting people. Here is a shot of me holding my newest grand-nephew, Ethan who was exactly one week old at the time. This is a picture of the happy parents and the baby and Madonna of the Garden which I stitched in honor of the new arrival.

When we left their house we traveled over to see Dan's pictures.
Then we went north to celebrate our grandson's 4th birthday. Here is the Lightning McQeen birthday cake.

And this is Michael and his brother Nicholas blowing out the candles. There are 5 candles but he only turned 4! Last but not least I have found two new "must have" patterns but I can't figure out how to picture them here on my blog. I will post them whenever I can...meanwhile to tantalize...Lizzie*Kate is releasing a new series of double flipits ...Christmas themed... and I love it. If I can somehow get it from my e-mail to here you will see it and love it also.(How do I do that Dani?) I have ordered a whole bunch for the store so I will be able to sell them as they are released to customers who want an automatic mailing!

The other one is a Long Dog piece called Bubbles and Froth which I will also be purchasing for the shop and for myself! It is on the European Cross stitch site.

I really need more stash for myself and for the shop ....right???


Kathy A. said...

Ann you look so cute holding the newest family member!!!
A new Long Dog piece - will have to check that out and Christmas Flis - oh I might need those LOL LOL LOL

Lynn said...

That's a beautiful piece you stitched Ann in honour of the baby's arrival. He looks so precious!
Those Christmas flip-its sound very tempting!

Beatrice said...

I saw these at your house on the computer and they are both lovely. Yup more stash just what we all need.
The family looks so lovely. Babies are the cutest at that age.The little 4 year old is pretty cute toooo!!!

Carolien said...

Lovely picture of you and the newborn! And what a great gift you have made!!!

Have a nice day & greetings, Carolien

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family you have and the Mirabilia, stunning!!!