Monday, June 2, 2008

Cross stitch updates

I have not been doing as much stitching of late. However I do have some progress to show on this Hearts Contents piece...Splendor II. At Thursday stitching Jane remarked that I was coming along really well with it...then I mentioned that I have been working on it since around 2001! It is over one on 29 count linen (that's what came with the kit) and I really have to be in the mood to work on it..I do like it's just very slow going... I switched over to the Hearts Content piece when I got tired of the colour changes in this one by Bizzi Creations... Sunbathing... It is fun and I am enjoying working on the Crossed Wing Collection hand dyed fabric.

We had a great weekend which you will see pictures of and hear all about as the week progress...I actually have stuff to blog about...

Saturday night Dan and Judie created a feast for Ed and me ...stuff they had learned at their cooking class...

Sunday, I visited my niece and her husband and got to hold their one week old son...he's gorgeous...just ask his grandmother (my sister-in-law)... actually you don't have to even ask Susan...I swear she is going around telling total strangers about the gorgeous baby that is her grandson!

and then we went to our 4-year old grandson's birthday party ... the cake was Lightning McQueen...there are pictures for those of you not up on the current idol and best friend of 4 year old males ..

today we went up to Burleigh Falls (what seemed like Northern Ontario wilderness) to check out a venue for a reunion we are holding in 2010. In July we will be going south into Prince Edward County to check out venues there (much more civilized)... We are only 2 of the organizers but I think you can see which way we are leaning. Man...August in northern cottage country...we would all be carried off by the mosquitoes!

Anyway there are pics coming up as the week progresses of the food, baby and birthday!

Oh Yeah...there is stuff "shoosting up" in the garden too...very exciting!


Beatrice said...

Beautiful progress on Splendor II. No wonder it's taking awhile 29ct. Scary.
Sounds like you had a nice full weekend. MMMMM cooking done by the new Chefs!!

Lee said...

I've justs popped in via a link on another blog. Lovely place you have here! And you've been working on Splendor since 2001? You were ahead of your time... choosing a monochromatic Quaker style design back then! It's very, very pretty.

Carolien said...

Hello Ann,

Wow, that Splendour is splendid! Such an elegant piece! Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

Greetings, Carolien

Lynn said...

Splendor is beautiful! Over 1 too..good for you! No wonder you find it slow going. I think I'd be at a standstill permanently!

Tita said...

Lucky you Ann, gourmet meals!!You must allow Dan every opportunity to practice and experiment.
Mum says hello, she called and I tried to decipher what she said between her fits of laughter. It is madness when she gets together with her sisters.