Monday, July 14, 2008

Silver Lining Cactus

This is the Silver Lining pattern which I stitched for our friend Luci for Christmas last year. She got it framed and sent me this photo. ...turned out great didn't it?
Dan and I spent the weekend selling 50/50 tickects at the rodeo in Holstein Ontario. Our friend Bill is the chairperson of the rodeo for the Optimist Club which sponsors it. Man has he turned it into a weekend event! The rodeo runs Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of addition he had Shane Yellowbird performing Friday night, Mike Callaghan and Doc Walker performing Saturday camping for competitors and tenter/RVers...what a crowd! Everyone had a fabulous time in spite of the torrential downpour at noon on Saturday!
Dan and I sold $6000 worth of tickets...each day there was a draw and three people won, $967, $1250, and $1005 respectively. An equivalent amount went back to the Optimist club which will donate it to some Children's charity...last year $2000 went to Sick Kids Hospital in London , ON. Apparently the club votes on where it will go each year...but it is pretty much assured that it will help kids. Also all the money they made at the rodeo will be plowed back into the community. We are tired but feel good to have been able to help out.
Of course I got no stitching done at all!!!


Beatrice said...

The Cactus is beautifully framed it does you stitching great justice!
Good for you on the ticket sales. What a good cause!

Kathy A. said...

Oh how beautiful the cactus is framed. I am glad you had a successful rodeo. Now, you can stitch.

tkdchick said...

That looks fantastic framed!

Sounds like you worked hard this past weekend!

Aussie Stitcher said...

It looks great. Love how you finished Kaleidascope also.

Sharon said...

Amazing picture!

Lynn said...

The cactus is beautiful Ann. Is this one done over 1 like most of his patterns?