Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You know that commercial???

Do you know that commercial where a tour guide suggests to a group of insurance people that it will be fun for swim with the fish, as he throws more bait into the shark infested waters, or the one where he tells the insurance people to go "engage with the big cats"...everyone I know finds these commercials oddly funny...Insurance companies are no one's favourite, it seems.
I feel the same way. Yesterday the new insurer or my house told me I could no longer sell to the United States... apparently the Insurance company thinks Americans are too quick to sue and since I have a small business in the house (this appears to be a sticking point with them), they fear some stitcher will someday sue me.

For the life of me I have been racking my brain to come up with a scenario where a stitcher would sue me for anything I could have sent them in the mail.... for slipping on the driveway perhaps, or being licked excessively or drooled upon by my overfriendly dogs, or being hit by a gravel truck while exiting the driveway, or tripping on the rug in the shop...but for getting something like a chart or fabric in the mail...oh...maybe she could injure herself while opening a bubble pack of needles...but come on....get sued ...I don't think so.

At any rate I am not going to mess with the insurance company if any American stitchers want something from my shop, they will have to get a Canadian friend to buy it for them...what a pain that will be...

However there has been a story in our local paper recently about a couple who lost their home to fire during the winter. I can only feel for them as watching your home burn to the ground must be a devastating experience but now they are being jerked around by their insurer because the fire burned so hot that they cannot determine the point of origin and all their insurance papers also burned so they are having to fight with the company to get the money to replace their house...after paying for years and years for protection..they are being screwed by the very people they were paying to protect them....

So I will not be doing anything to annoy my insurers and if that means putting American customers in touch with Canadian bloggers or friends who will purchase the merchandise for them, then so be it. Stitchers are very generous with their time that way.

On to a happier is a pic taken last week with our first pepper and potatoes from the famous garden. I am so impressed with our success...we have been eating beans and peas galore and have had a few more peppers since this photo was taken but the thing that awes me the most is being able to dig into the soil and find potaotes. I find this miraculous.


Beatrice said...

WOW now I know why I like that commercial. Can you imagine. Have you looked around for a different company. I've never heard anything like this before.
People do business across border all the time why why why would this differ.
I support you Ann. Let me know if I can help.
Oh boy peppers for a snack! NICE!!

tkdchick said...

Oh boy Dan must be walking around with a puffed out chest now that he's grown food!

I've given you an award, see my blog.