Friday, August 8, 2008

In praise of potatoes

I seem to be going on and on about the garden...but really for a town kid who never had a garden before I must say I am in awe every time I go out there and actually pick food!
The other day I dug up these wonderful red potatoes. The whole experience has been great and while I enjoy the beans we've had and the loads of tomatoes that are slowly ripening, the vegetable that is impressing me the most is the potato! I can dig under the ground and find these nuggets and then we can actually eat them! It's magic. Lest you think my so called stitching blog will never go back to talking about stitching I will now set your mind at rest. I actually have not been stitching very much of late with the holidays and all but finally with a little encouragement from Dani who is visiting this week I have finally got back at some. Below is the beginnings of Stained Glass Landscape (Kappie Originals). It looks better when I get the back stitching done. This time around I will actually backstitch as I go, unlike my usual method of leaving it all till the end and then complaining loudly to anyone who'll listen about all the backstitching! While on vacation I did some work on Cirque des Cercles but at some point I stitched a row over 3 instead of over 2...and well you can imagine...when I found what I had done I was unimpressed that everything below it was now wrong. So a bit of counter stitching (love that term Kathy)
and of course then I put it back in the bag and it has not been out since except for this picture.
Yes I did stitch CDC before but when Barb and I were choosing fabric and colours we could not decide which we liked better so we both ended up starting two versions of CDC. Barb, I believe has finished both of hers..I haven't.

Recently I had two finishes is Molly from Carriage House Samplings' "The girls series" The other framed piece is Glendon House's "Pretty Pumpkins"...a photo of it will follow at a later date...perhaps when I take a picture of it.
Last item...but not least...yesterday was Beatrice's birthday and the Thursday stitchers enjoyed cake (courtesy of Adriana and Lisa) and rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to you. There is a picture on Dani's blog. I did not take one because we had 11 or 12 stitchers here and it was a little hectic!...not to mention a stressed out panting dog...there was thunder!


Ginnie said...

Your stained glass landscape looks very detailed, I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Becky K in OK said...

Your Molly is indeed beautiful. So are those potatoes. Nothing better than new potatoes cooked to perfection.

tkdchick said...

Those potatos were delicous!!!!!

Your stained glass looks so much more like something on your blog than it does in person!

Carolien said...

Oh, I look forward to see your progress on that stained glass project! The girl with the cat is beautiful and your potatoes look good too! You must be proud, having all these 'own' vegs ...

Enjoy your meals or as they say here: eet smakelijk!

Hugs, Carolien

Lynn said...

Your stained glass piece looks very intriguing! I'm looking forward to seeing how this one progresses.
Those potatoes are making me hungry. I love red ones.

Beatrice said...

Yummmm. They look good enough to eat for sure.
The frame looks so nice and I like the stained glass.
Thanks again for the lovely dinner the other night and the Birthday wishes.