Monday, August 18, 2008

Retreat 2008

Warning ...picture intensive...

We had a great is the whole group...well almost ...a couple may have had to leave early...Bernie for one and Wendy for another....This group shot was Dani's idea and her camera and photographic expertise...

The rest of these are photographic expertise here...but you can tell we are enjoying ourselves. This blog will show participants..the next one will be of some of the fabulous stitching that was on display...

Sharon Clare, Dani, Marlene
Barb, Dani ,Clare

Other Barb, Marie Paule, Beatrice, Katie
Marj, Helen , Dani
Helen, Marj
Marg...working on Cirque des Cercles


Colleen, Carmen

Angie, Barb, Christin
Beth with her back turned, Rebecca, Beatrice
Beth being eloquent

There was lots of food but I guess I was too busy eating to take pictures of it or of other people eating...that's likely just as well.

The weather was glorious and what more could one ask...Thank You to everyone who came to the retreat and contributed to the potluck and who enabled everyone else along the way!
This is Paddy illustrating how I felt on Sunday evening!

Next of our work.


Wendy said...

Great pictures, Ann, and it sounds like everyone had a fantastic time! I was sorry to miss year!

Beatrice said...

Oh Ann the pictures are great. We did have fun didn't we?
Thank you for your hospitality.

~V said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh I feel so left out (my own fault!)

Lynn said...

What great pictures Ann! That was quite the group. No wonder you felt like Paddy at the end of it all! Thank you so much for the invite and I hope that at some point I can actually make it to one of these!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

WONDERFUL TIME! Thanks for hosting again, I can't wait to come again next year! Oh yea, I'll be posting my finish soon of my L*K on black...done and charmed on Sunday evening.

Carolien said...

How wonderful it must be to be together with a group of x-stitch addicts and stitch together! Must have been great! I can understand your feelings at the end though ;)

Have a nice week & hugs, Carolien