Monday, January 26, 2009

Page 3 + fairies

It is so cold out. Lovely to see the sun but man am I ready for the warmth of some Florida sunshine!
Meanwhile, I plodded along on Fairies and finished the last two days for my 5 day rotation. The lettering was fun to do but that #8 braid did in two piecemaker needles in the process. And I finished the stitching on Page 3 of "My Stitching Album" It is a most enjoyable project. All that remains to be done on this page is the addition of the beads and I am still mulling over what colour I will be using. I was anxious to finish this page because I will be seeing Jeannette Douglas next week in Nashville and wanted to show off my pages to her.
Next up on my rotation is Cirque des Cercles which I am doing with Waterlilies Eggplant on 36 ct linen. After my 5 days on it my rotation will be set aside for the trip to Florida. I am only taking one project with me and it will be Froth and Bubble.
And before I forget...a few days ago Beatrice tagged me and I am supposed to tell about 5 addictions. I am also supposed to pass the tag along but anyone who knows me also knows that I never do that...So to the addicitons...
I indulged a few of them this weekend..
1. Reading...I read a whole book on was too cold to go anywhere anyway!
2. Stitching..I spent practically all day yesterday working on page 3, see above.
3. Crossword puzzles..specifically the ones which appear in the Toronto Star on Saturday and Sunday. I consider it my way to staving off Altzhiemers and besides I enjoy the challenge. BTW, I got all the clues in both of them this weekend!
4. Enjoying the company of friends. Yeasterday while stitching I looked up to see a familiar looking person approaching the house but I could not place him. Turns out to be our friend Willie, from Switzerland. You know how it is when you know someone but see him or her out of context and don't recognize them? Well we had no idea he was coming to Canada for a visit...obviously to visit friends, certainly not for the weather! Great to see him. He and the folks he is staying with are coming for one of Dan's great dinners on Friday night.
5. Anything to do with our dogs. They are very special to us and we love their company. The number of smiles they have brought not just to our faces but to nearly everyone who meets them says it all.


Kathy A. said...

Oh Ann - fairies looks so lovely. I feel so guilty. I haven't touched it at all. I just have too many irons in the fire. Pages are looking great. I am sure Jeannette will be impressed.
I'll bet you are looking forward to Florida and sunshine. Enjoy

Laura said...

Both of your WIPs are lovely. I love the spring-like colors.

Franny said...

I guess I wont be the first one to finish the Sampler page this time LOL. Your page looks wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow afternoon. I still have only row 1 done, maybe I will work on row 2 tonight for a few minutes.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great Ann, love the pillows that you stitched for Dan, they are wonderful.

Beatrice said...

That was fun reading about your addictions...your girls do make me smile.
Fairies and page 3 are lovely.
Oh Ann Jeanette will love to see your pages..We need to take a picture of all of the progress one day and send it to her.

Maren said...

Whew! Those are both really pretty WIPs. The flowers on your garden fairy are just stunning. I just saw the Cirque de Cercles pattern for the first time, and that's going to be my next pattern too.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow surprised you kept plodding on with your rotation for this piece! Good for you Ann!