Saturday, December 19, 2009

Amazing stitching

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such talented and creative stitchers. I have frequently mentioned the ladies in our Thursday Stitchers group, but I also have a dedicated group who come on Friday to stitch as well. This is Anne, one of the Friday stitchers. She is holding up her daughter and son-in-law's wedding picture from 25 years ago which she stitched. Sharon, another Friday stitcher, took the photo and used her PC Stitch programme to make it into a Cross stitch chart which Anne then stitched and this is the result. It is hard to believe that this is really totally stitched. I believe Anne said it has taken her 3 months to do it. Her daughter is going to be so surprised and I hope very impressed by her Mother's work. In addition to Anne and Sharon on Fridays we also have Fran who can turn her hand to anything it seems. She knits both by hand and machine, quilts, designs mystery quilts for an on-line group, teaches machine embroidery and oh yes, she cross stitches too! Lucie, in addition to stitching can also cook and sew. As a matter of fact I conned her into leaving the little pot of homemade pate she brought to our last stitch-in of 2009 yesterday. It is delicious. Cheryl does the most exquisite over one stitching on 25 count fabric. Catherine is new to cross stitching but determined to master it. She has completed one sampler on aida and is currently working on a bookmark...on black fabric !
Dani, in Ottawa, always marvels at how lucky we are here in our little town to have so many talented and zealous stitchers when she struggles to find a group in the big city. OK Ottawa is not that big but compared to is!

This is my completed William Morris bag. It is on its way to my friend Heather in Virginia. She and I are both turning 60 on our next birthday (hers is this month!) so I thought that milestone deserved significant recognition! I hope she likes the bag. Diana did such an excellent job of finishing it that I had to show you all the inside as well.

Really it could be reversable, it is that well done!


Claire said...

Wow the wedding picture looks amazing.

Cindy's Stitching said...

That is an amazing piece. I will have get up the courage to tackle a project like that.

Beatrice said...

Amazing work on that wedding photo.WOW.
Your bag looks wonderful.
I don't know exactly how it happened but I can post and comment and everything now. The upgrades Terry put on worked!

Kathy A. said...

Ann - please relay my congratulations to Ann- her wedding photo is stunningly stitched.
Your Williamsburg bag turned out so beautiful. You can hardly see that it is stitched. Nice finisher you have. What a lovely gift. Take care and Happy Christmas wishes to you and Dan from Leo and I.

Carolien said...

Hello dear Ann,

Thanks for this post, it was lovely to see both pieces of art. Your bag is stunning, wow! Lovely, lovely and what a special gift ...

Big hug, Carolien