Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here is the story..

Two weeks ago a teacher called me looking for fabric. She described the project she is planning and was hoping I could sell her some fabric at a good price. When I heard the story, I told her I would sell it at cost and promptly ordered some. It isn't here yet...but that is another story. Let's just say my supplier dropped the ball...but the aida is en route now.

Anyway...Kerri's story... Her elementary school is closing its doors forever this June because it will be amalgamated with another small rural school and both will be moving to a new building in a new location, with an entirely new name. Therefore, South Cramahe Public School will disapper into history. This year's Grade 8 class will be the last graduating class.

They are planning to have each grade 8 student design a cross stich block, and then stitch it. The blocks will then be put together into a quilted wallhanging which they will call the belonging quilt. It will go to the new school in the Fall and thereafter Kerri plans for each graduating class in the new school to also stitch a self-designed block, make them into another quilt which will be attached to the original and so on...

I think it is a great plan. It is made easier by the fact that Kerri has made it a practice to teach her grade 4 class to stitch each year. These graduating grade 8's were her students in grade 4 and are all on board and keen to get started.

My request... they will all have the same fabric and they are designing their own blocks...they need floss and needles. I told the story to the Thursday and Friday stitchers and they came through like the generous people they are...we all scoured our stash and came up with duplicate skeins, thread left over from kits, some odd ball skeins from Anchor or Coates or no name something, that we will likely never use and came up with some thread for the kids. They do not need specific DMC colours as their patterns won't be specifying 304 for example...they just know they need red!

If you are interested in cleaning out a few skeins or bobbins or loose threads from your stash you could send it to :
South Cramahe Public School
1136 Purdy Road
Colborne, Ontario
K0K 1S0
Attention : Kerri

You can also send it to me at
Knowledge and Needles
190 Smith Street
K0K 1H0

However Dan and I are going away at the end of next week and while there will be someone here looking after the house, dogs, cats and mail etc., it is probably easier to just send it to the school.

Thank You. I wil be sure to get a photo of the finished project in June and post it here on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a Win-Win situation. This opportunity will make me clean up my stash a bit and get rid of some floss that I will never use -- but which I could not bear to simply throw out. And, the recipients will use it!

Thanks for setting this up, Ann.


Kathy A. said...

Oh do I have some threads and needles.
On their way next week

Carolien said...

Hello Ann,

Would it be worthwhile to send some thread over from Holland or not? I mean: will they be finishing soon or not? And do they only need red or is every colour o.k.? I can miss some threads ...
It's a lovely and meaningful project, how kind of you to support it!

Hugs, carolien

Lynn said...

This is an awesome idea! I'll be cleaning out some of my stash this weekend and then sending it their way.