Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nan's finish

Nan just finished this Mirabilia for her second great grand daughter. Gorgeous or what?
On Sunday, I was stitching and visiting with friends when I realized that there had been a little too much visiting and not enough counting. So the stitching I did that afternoon was counter stitched immediately and my memory keeper is going to go away for awhile.
It is time to move on to another project and give this one a rest. It is very large and I believe I need a break from it. To that end I went back to my Toile pillow which even with yesterday's stitching is not looking very toile-like. A picture will be forthcoming in my next blog entry.


Vonna said...

Boy oh boy that Mirabila is gorgeous :)
LOVE your WIP too ;)

Lynn said...

Nan's Mirabilia is beautiful!
I find that there are some nights with my Tuesday group when we have so much chatter and laughter going on and those are the ones where the frogs join us.