Monday, June 7, 2010

After the weekend

This is the beautiful view of Georgian Bay from the deck of the house where I spent the weekend with 13 of my stitching buddies. It was hard not to gaze at the view instead of stitching but I was on a mission....Since I was not the hostess of this getaway weekend I managed to do copious amounts of stitching. And this is what I worked on. If you look at my previous post you should be able to tell the difference between the before and after pictures. Alas Memory Keeper stayed in the stitching bag all weekend and only the fairies got some attention.


Lynn said...

It looks great Ann! Must have been nice for you to sit back and relax for a change. I'm glad that all of you had such a great time.

Cathy said...

You made alot of progress. Very beautiful.