Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday summer was ushed in by a glorius day...today...not so great! But there is a gentle rain falling which will be good for my garden which seems to be flourishing. There are carrots and beet shoots about an inch high and the potato and tomato plants are doing very well.
On the stitching front, my output of ornaments has diminished with only two new ones from the "On the Twelfth Day " Cats' Whiskers series...

But the piece I am enjoying the most at the moment is this one from a JCS magazine from last year or perhaps the year before...designed by The designer behind The Nostalgic Needle company. I am particularly pleased with this because it has been my first foray into the realm of 40 count fabric... and I am loving it.

How, you must be thinking does she see to work on 40 count fabric???
Well here is the answer...a handy dandy LED Magnifier light! It is the greatest... Yes I do sell them in the shop and this is a shameless plug for them...but they really do work wornders! I have had nothing but accolades from all my friends and customers who have purchased one.


Karen said...

Your sampler is very pretty. I can't imagine ever working on 40ct linen myself, but I absolutely love seeing the results. :)

Lynn said...

I recently gave 40ct a try and even with my magnifying lamp I found it difficult. Think I'll stay with the smaller counts for now.

Carolien said...

Hello Ann,

Well, that was a story about the camels and the tiger! This morning it was in our newspaper as well. I am glad the animals ánd the people who might have run into them are safe now. I wouldn't be happy when standing in front of a tiger ... A camel ride must be great though, so maybe I would try ;)

Your stitches are great. Love the red ones!
Happy stitching & hugs,

Kathy A. said...

Nie work on your pieces, Ann.
I can testify that the new lamp is wonderful! Love it!

Mistylynn said...

Moving back to Ontario in September so will be coming to visit and yes i definitely want one of these magnifiers.