Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas stuff

Well yes, these have been the hottest weeks of the summer and what better projects to work on in the sweltering heat then Christmas designs? These are two ornaments from Cat's Whisker's "On the 12th day" chart. I am making them into individual ornaments. 11 down and only 1 to go...yes Beth, I left that one you mentioned to the end!
And this is a stocking from an old Cross Stitch and Contry Crafts magazine that I am making for my newest Great nephew William. His parents chose it..

On July 22 at noon the voting will begin...go to this website to cast your vote(s) for Brighton!


Beatrice said...

Christmas sounds cool right about now...The stocking is coming along beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're almost finished!

Actually, the milkmaids worked up OK. It's only a matter of adding a stitch on some of the horizontal lines -- a nuisance for me but not you because I'm using DMC 115.

I decided to re-chart the ladies as they weren't dancing enough for me....looking forward to getting your opinion on it next month!